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Easy Quilting

The many ways of simple fast quilting!

Easy quilting is… well… easy.

There are so many ways to make quilting fast and fun.  This is where we will go over the different styles to keep it effortless and trouble-free.

What’s Been Covered

We’ve already covered many ways to quilt in an easy yet beautiful manner. 

To review they were:

Whole Cloth Quilting

Block Quilting

Strip Quilting

Classic Quilting Methods

Lap Quilting

What Else Is There?

You might be asking what else is there.  I know I have.

There are simple patterns that keep quilting simple.

Wither it be quilting patterns or piecing designs.  They both can keep quilting effortless.

Also, remember that stitching in-the-ditch is as easy as it can get.

Shoot, you can just stitch around whatever design you want to “pop” out of your quilt.  I find that this is always a quick way to draw the eye.

For instance, I was given the challenge of making a hunting quilt for my husband. 

The idea was that it would be in the cab of his truck.  It needed to be warm in case he was stranded.  The quilt also had to be functional for the mountainous hunting season.

Who would have thought that camouflage and Day-Glo orange would actually look good together?

The finished product is Day-Glo orange fleece on the back and camouflage fleece for the top.


All the quilting was done around the black designs of the camo.  This makes it stand out and brings the whole look together.

It is perfectly functional for both protection from the elements and the other hunters.

I feel much safer knowing that if he got stuck out there, he'd be alright.

What’s next?

You can create your own quick and smooth quilting ideas.

As you progress as a quilter ideas will come to you.

What is simple for you may not be for someone else.

For instance, I know a few quilters that think working with applique is a quick and easy way to make a quilt.

Personally, I believe it to be one of the hardest.

It’s all based on your own point of view.

After a while you’ll know your own ways to keep it fun.

Easy quilting is in the eye of the beholder.  Be creative and entertain yourself with trying new things.  Remember, we are all growing our talents everyday with every project.

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