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Easy Quilting Projects

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Easy quilting projects come in many forms.

I’m going to first list for you all of the different easy projects that we’ve already talked about.  Then I’m going to give you a project that is quick, easy, and can be made into any size you desire.



Here is a list of links to what we have already covered for easy quilting:

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Easy Quilting Project for You

This is a simple block design.  The directions for it make a 6” x 6” square.  To make the size of the quilt you want, just divide the length and width by 6”. 

This will give you how many squares across and down you need.  Multiply that by each other and you get your total.

Here is an example of the math:

I’m going to make a quilt that is 72” x 90”.

72 / 6 = 12

90 / 6 = 15

12 x 15 = 180 blocks

Now to get started, each block will need:

·         4 squares that are 2 ½ inches of light fabric

·         5 squares that are 2 ½ inches of dark fabric

Partner the squares up into pairs, right sides of fabric facing each other.  Remember to leave out 2 of the dark and 1 of the light squares. You will add them after you chain piece these.

Chain piece your pairs.

To chain piece, simply stack you pairs.  This makes them easier to feed through the sewing machine without having to stop so often.

Then sew the 1/4 inch seam along the side of each pairing.  You don’t have to stop after each square gets sewn to cut the thread.  That’s done at the end.

After each pairing has passed through, snip the thread, and turn your machine off.

Cut the thread after each pair to separate them all.

Unfold the squares.

I love machine piecing this way.  It’s a lot faster.

Now lay out your strips in the proper order.  This means you will have to rotate every 1 out of 3.

Add the appropriate square that will finish the row.  Make sure to have right sides facing each other and the edges matching.

Stack the rows as we did with the pairs.

Chain piece the rows.

Unfold the rows.

Now, pair one top row and one middle row with right sides facing long the 3 squares.  Opposite colors should be touching.  There will be some rows left out.  They are the bottom rows of the squares.

Chain piece the rows together.

Unfold the rectangle of rows.

To add the last row to the bottom of the squares, place it on the middle row of the sewn rows with the right sides touching.  Again, the squares that are touching will alternate colors.

Chain piece the bottom row to the middle of the blocks.

This completes your quilting blocks. 



You can chain piece your blocks together, just as you did for the piecing.  If this is the way you wish to complete it, make sure to leave out blocks if your rows are odd in number.

Otherwise you can add one block at a time to ensure that you get the exact number of squares per a row.

After the rows of blocks are completed, sew the rows together.

Once the squares are all sewn together, boarders can be added if you wish.  To make your squares really stand out choose boarders that are of a similar color but different to the ones used for the blocks.

Wrap up

There you have it.  One of the most easy quilting projects you’ll ever find.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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