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Dragonfly Line Quilting Pattern

“Bringing Beauty and Smiles”

Our free dragonfly line quilting pattern has a beauty all on its own. It’s perfect for hand quilting and can be used with a machine as well.  Bring a smile to any quilt by using our pattern as a guide.

Here we will go over finding the perfect placement for these stitches to come to life and how to use this design for your quilting.

Dragonfly Pattern

This unique design of dragonfly line quilting pattern, is yours to save and adjust if you wish.  Once the image is the size that you prefer, print it out so it can become a guide.

The copy paper itself can be the template if it doesn’t matter that the pattern will last.  The image can be traced on to butcher’s paper or freezer paper for a slightly more durable temporary guide.

But if you want the template to be more permanent, it is best to make it into a stencil.  We go over how to make your own hand quilting stencils here.  It’s a cost effective and an easy method.  We walk you through every step of the way.

Using the Guide

If you decided that you want to use one of the various paper techniques, then by all means pin the paper to the quilt and get your quilting started.  Just keep in mind that this form of guide will rip and tear and needs to be replaced every so often.

The quilting stencil works wonderfully when you decide to go for a more permanent template to guide the stitches.

For quick and easy marking, a quilt pounce can be used with it.  You can even make your own with some loose chalk powder wrapped inside a fabric circle or square.  All it needs is to be tied when it’s bundled.

This can be a bit messy.  That’s why we prefer not to make our own.

If the idea of using chalk altogether is not appealing, the stencil can still be used with fabric markers, pens, or pencils.

Everyone has their favorite methods of what works best for them.  You won’t hurt our feelings if you like a method that is different than what we favor.

When is the right time to use the stencil?

After the top is assembled and everything is basted together, then it is time to place the stencil in the areas you want the stitches.  Mark out the guide with your preferred method.


This quilting pattern can be used where ever you want the stitches to go.  That means it can go all over the whole quilt.

If you want this design to stand out, place it along the boarders and any empty spots there might be.

Just remember you’re not limited when it comes to placement.

Wrap Up

This dragonfly line quilting design is sure to please the eye.  Others will notice this special quilting image. It doesn't matter if it’s on a quilt that is a special gift, on display, or just for personal use.  You can take pride in your creation. 

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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