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Doves With Heart Quilting Pattern

“Peace and Love”

This free doves with heart quilting pattern will bring peace and love to any quilt.

Just give it a try.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy the simplistic ease of using it.


Here is a picture of the free doves with heart quilting pattern that we’ll explain how to use.

Keep in mind that these are only suggestions.  You are able to use this design however you wish on your quilts.

To start, please have your quilting top completed and your quilt cookie assembled.

Think Oreo.

Once that is established, move on to the step for working with this pattern.


Once you’re quilting cookie is basted and ready to begin those quilting stitches, it’s time to decide your placement.

Where exactly do you want the pattern to be?

Is it going to be the centerpiece of the quilt?

Do you want to stitch this design along the borders?

How big do you want it to be?

The size of the design can be adjusted using the editing software that comes standard with most computers.

Once you have those questions answered, it’s time to print out the design.  You may save this pattern and adjust the size if needed.

Now that you have it on paper there is just one more question to answer.

Do you want to use the paper as your guide or do you want it to be a stencil?

It’s ok to use the paper as a template.  Just remember that it will be temporary and will easily tear up. 

If you want to make it into a stencil, please read our page on how to make your own.  It’s easier than you think. J

There is no right or wrong way to use a pattern as a quilting guide.

Pin the paper to the quilt and stitch along the given lines if you want to just use the paper.  Butcher paper or freezer paper work well too.

If you want to make a stencil, do so using our technique.  Then mark out your quilt top one section at a time as you stitch to avoid losing your guide.

When your hand quilting it’s best if you only mark out the section you are doing.  Then make the quilting stitches.  When you are ready to move onto the next section, make your guide in that section and continue quilting.

This way you never lose your guide and you are always clear headed. 

It’s happened to us all.  We get lost in the project by working too hard and not taking enough breaks.  We get tired, but still want to go on.  The frustration gets added to when we can’t find our guide.

Now that you have quilted your quilt and bound it, it’s time to label the work of art.  Your added signature will mean a lot now and in the future.

Once signed, your quilt is done.

Wrap Up

The Doves with Heart pattern gives your finished quilts a warm and homey feel.  Wrap your loved ones in its embrace and bask yourself in the pride of making that quilt.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,


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