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Customer Experiences

“The Ups and the Downs”

This is the thread of the quilting forum for posts related to customer experiences.  This could be either good or bad things that have happened.  Just remember that we can’t do anything about it.

Praise the good places. Warn other quilters and crafters of the places that are not so good.

Here you will find an example of a post and we’ll also go over some dos and don’ts.

Example Post

Not that long ago I decided that I wanted to make a throw blanket for my living room.  I wanted it to be unique.  It needed to be warm and decorative for the winter time.

My husband loves the whole manly outdoors thing.  This means we now have antlers over the stairway and there is talk of more animal trophies to come.

Though our house isn’t exactly log cabin style, I felt we could make the inside of our home feel like one.  That’s why fur came to my mind.

Fur blankets look beautiful.  However, they are very expansive and need care and tending to for the off season.

That’s why I voted for faux fur material.  But where in the heck was I going to find some that didn’t look ugly and fake, like the ones at my local craft shop.

I wanted something that looked like chinchilla or wolf.  I hopped onto the world wide web and started surfing along. 

That’s when I found it.  There was an online store that had several faux fur fabrics to choose from.  Viewing them all was like a candy store for what I desired.  I settled on some fake grey chinchilla and black suede for the background.

I figured these two materials would work well with each other and give it more of that showroom look that I was striving for.  I bought two yards of each which made my order eligible for free shipping.  Woohoo!  Icing on my cake.

At two weeks when my order hadn’t arrived yet is when I called the store I made my order from.  At checkout it stated that my package should arrive around 9 days.  After a phone call to the company, they informed me that the items were on backorder.  They weren’t even going to tell me.  If I didn’t call them I would have never known.  This is not a way to start good customer experiences.

The materials arrived at my house after a month of waiting.  I know it was free shipping, but come on.  Nothing should take that long to ship. 

I will admit that the fabric looked sensational when I opened my huge box though.  The fur was gorgeous.  I couldn't wait to get started on my project.

The materials I received were lovely.  I wouldn't mind ordering from that online store again, as long as I wasn't in a rush to have my materials.

The Do’s

Do post any customer experiencse you have had that is related to crafting or quilting.  Buying supplies from a business is a perfect example.

Working with a professional artist or long arm quilter that is making something for you would appreciate the feedback.  So would the rest of us for that matter.

Feel free to guide the community with your post.  We’d like to know the good, the bad, and the ugly of all of it.

The Don’ts

Please don’t post anything that is not related to arts and crafts.  While it’s ok to post something about making art for yourself or others, it’s not alright to post something about a trip to a lingerie store.

If you need more help in guiding you to appropriate subjects, please read the quilting forum guidelines.

Wrap Up

Share your customer experiences with us today.  Just use the form below and click the submit button.  It’s that easy.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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