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Creating Through Quilting

by Smith

I love fabric, quilting, sewing, and ultimately creating something original that I can feel proud of producing. I could browse a material store, pairing fabric for someday quilts, all day.

I have a tendency to buy beautiful fabric just because I love it and then hoard it for years until the perfect project for that material finally emerges.

I’m not sure where my love for sewing originated, but I know it was fostered by taking sewing classes all through high school. The end project requirement was a quilt which I ended taking up to college with me.

I started really getting into quilting when my sisters started having babies. At first, it was just scraps that I had and pieced together, but now, it's a tradition to make a new quilt with each new addition to the family. I try and get my sisters’ perceptions of their baby's personality and try to create something to match it.

Recently, my best friend had a baby. I was so excited to create something to suit her own style. I looked on Pinterest to see what her interests were and then came up with a color scheme for the very popular chevron stripes.

It was time consuming, but her reaction was worth it. She was so excited and just kept looking at it throughout the rest of her baby shower.

I love to quilt because it pushes me to think of new ideas, prints, and patterns I haven't done in the past, but even more, it’s worth it to me to spend more time doing something I know someone will love and can’t get anywhere else.

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