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Cotton Polyester Blended Batting

“The Best of Both Worlds”

Cotton polyester blended batting brings the two worlds of natural and man-made together in wonderful harmony.

We’ll go over the great reasons why this is filling of choice for several quilters.  You’ll also learn what makes a brand great and what makes them one to walk away from.

The Cotton Polyester Blended Batting

When it comes to cotton and polyester there is nothing better than putting the two together.  The blended batting creates the benefits of both worlds.

It’s warm, easy to work with, has less than 2% shrinkage when washed, and will show off your stitches nicely.

This is also when inferior products will show their hand.  There are some blended battings made out of polyester and cotton that have a lot of glues in them and don’t feel gross against the palms of your hand when you touch them. 

This is a warning not to buy the product.  You will have a lot of problems when you quilt with it.  The thread will snag on all of the resin and break.

The best blended batting we’ve come across is Warm Blend.  It’s made by the same company that makes Warm & Natural.  They needle punch their batting so you don’t have the problem with adhesives ruining your needles and thread.

It can also be quilted or tied up to 10 inches apart and will not beard through fabric.

The shrinkage in HOT water is less than 1% too.  It can also be dried in the machine without any fear of damaging the batting in the quilt.  Talk about the best of both worlds.


So what brand is worth your time and which one should you get away from?

First off if anything has glues, resins, and such leave it on the shelf.  The most common of these is Mountain Mist.  We’ve used this brand several times in the past because it was cheap, really cheap.  Unfortunately, it’s also made us waste our needles and go through more thread than was necessary.  The frustration it caused is not worth the frugal price.  This is a brand to run, not walk, from.

Now, what brand is really worth its pennies?

Warm Blend is the best of cotton and polyester blends.  You literally can feel the difference because there are no glues or resins used!

It’s undergone a needling process that ensures evenly layered fibers that will never beard or bunch.  This also helps it cling to fabric naturally.

It’s much easier to hand quilt with and there is hardly any shrinking.  It’s less than 1% in hot water!

For all these reasons and more are why Warm Blend is our cotton polyester blended batting of choice.


Where can you find the Warm Blend brand?

If you don’t know where to look it can elude you. 

Check out Joann’s or sometimes have it in stock and at a reasonable price.  These stores offer websites that ship the product directly to your home, offer great guarantees, and excellent discounts a plenty. 

Wrap Up

Cotton polyester blended batting has been the stand by for many quilters.

If you’re pressed for time, the quick and easy choice is to use the cotton and polyester blended batting.  It’s affordable and easy to work with if you choose the right brand.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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