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Continuous Line Quilting Patterns

“Let it Roll”

There are several continuous line quilting patterns available for machine quilters to use.  Here we will show you just a couple of them to get you started.  Our patterns may be used for machine or hand quilting.

We’ll walk you through some of the basics of how to use these types of patterns for your own quilting needs.


Here are some examples of repetitive patterns.  Feel free to use them at your leisure.


How do you use these designs?

Bear with us as we answer that question. J

First things first.  The image that you want to use needs to be in a physical form.  The best way to do that is by saving it to your computer and printing the design out.

From there a stencil can be made.  We show you how to make your own stencils here.

When the stencil of the pattern you want is in your hand, place it onto your quilt top in the areas you wish your quilting stitches to be.

Mark the continuous line quilting pattern, using the stencil and your favorite utensil.  This could be fabric markers, a pencil, or our favorite the chalk pounce.

The chalk pounce is easy and efficient.  Just rub over the stencil and your guide is transferred onto the fabric.  Joann Fabrics usually has them in stock, as well as the refills. 

Think Oreo.

If you are hand quilting, be sure to have your quilting cookie ready before marking your guide.  It’s also best to just mark one section at a time to keep the visual vibrancy of the guide.

When machine quilting you can mark more of the guide onto the quilt top at one time.  For instance if you are doing a twin size quilt, feel free to use your stencil on the whole top at once and just going for it. 

If you are doing a king size quilt though, mark out one strip about a foot wide of the quilt at a time.  This is so you don’t have to manipulate all of that material.  Odds are your guide would rub off or get lost in the shuffle.  This is especially true for when a home sewing machine is being used.

All that is left is quilting with your stitches along the lines of your quilting guide.  Then finish with the binding process and adding your label.

Wrap Up

Continuous line quilting patterns can be a fun way to liven up your quilt.  They are definitely more interesting than just stitching in the ditch. 

You can even have the same quilting motif as the pieced top to give the quilt some extra depth.  Try the patterns and have some fun with it.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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