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Christmas Quilting Patterns

“Joy to the World”

Christmas quilting patterns are wonderful way to give your quilts a touch of the holidays, but it’s hard to find free ones that are worth trying.

We hope you’ll agree that this pattern and some of our other designs have been just the ticket.

Here we will go over this easy special free quilting pattern this is available to you just in time for the holidays.


We recommend using this design as a raw edge applique, making it perfect for being a wall hang quilt or a framed work of art.

Since most of the time the Christmas decorations get put away for the good portion of the year, having your quilt in this art form will allow for perfect storage. Otherwise, it will look great on your wall the whole year through.  :)

Steps to Make It

The first step is to get this free pattern saved to your computer.  This can be done by clicking here to get the PDF version:

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You can adjust the size if you would like.

Once that is done, print out a copy of the christmas quilting pattern with your printer.

Next since this is a going to be a raw edge applique, it’s best to use Ultra hold fusible adhesive from Heat n Bond.

If you would like this pattern to be stitched down and not a raw edge applique just change these two things:

  1.  Use Lite hold fusible adhesive from Heat n Bond.
  2. Stitch it down around the edges with your favorite thread.  (We like a silk blend for that wonderful satin effect.)

Both of these supplies can be found at your local Walmart. also has them so they can be delivered directly to you and you don’t have to waste the unnecessary fuel. ;)

Now place your copy of the pattern on a hard surface, such as a book, and then place the appropriate size fusible over it.  Make sure the paper side is facing up.

Trace the image onto the fusible with a fine tip Sharpie pen.

After the design is traced onto the paper side of the fusible, cut out the design in-between the lines. 

Be sure not to cut upon the inner line at this time.  That will happen later.

So we don’t lose pieces, have an envelope or a Ziploc bag handy to put the pieces of fusible into and later the fabric with the fusible backing.  

Now that every shape is cut out it’s time to press them onto the back of the appropriate fabric. Do this with a medium hot iron.  Press the pieces onto the backs of the desired fabric.  Count to 3 as you press down.

Now that the fusible is glued to the back of the correct fabrics, cut along the inner lines of the traced design.

Even though most of the time you will be cutting only a thin layer of fabric along the edges it will prevent your fabric from fraying later on.  We want to avoid the whiskered effect.  It’s not quite that pretty. ;)

After doing the last trimming on the design pieces we need to find where on the fabric you want the design to be. 

Once you have the ideal placement established, press the pieces into place with the medium hot iron again and count to 5.  

Now you may stitch down your applique with a tight zigzag or satin stitch if so desired.  

Did you complete all of the previous steps?

Excellent!  The project is complete.

Raw edge appliques look magnificent as a wall hang or framed work of art.

You should be proud!

Wrap Up

Bring a smile to your loved ones this holiday season by using one of our free Christmas quilting patterns.  You’re art is sure to be the hit of the festivities. 

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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