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Block Quilting

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Almost anything can be created with block quilting.  It can be basic and easy or more intricate.

Quilt blocks or squares are designs that have been pieced together.  They are arranged to make your top.  This can be done using the same design block or mixed and matched.

Block Designs and Different Sizes

The first thing you want to keep in mind is that if you are using more than one block design, you want them to be the same size.

Patterns for quilting squares come in a variety of sizes.  Usually they range from 6” to 12”.

Personally, I prefer blocks that are 6 x 6”.  I’m able to create more creative images this way.  Also designs that use the same block pattern have a way of looking more intricate even when they are rather simple.

Here is an example:

Finial Size

Next you need to decide how big your quilt going to be.

There are several quilting calculators out there that will do the math for you. 

If you are mathematically inclined you have an advantaged.  This is because you understand the principals behind it more than just plug and play.

It doesn’t need to be intimidating.  The easiest way to do the math is to make sure the length and width of your quilt is divisible by the size of your square.

For instance if you choose blocks that are 6 inches, then a 72 inch length would be 12 squares.  A 60 inch width would be 10 squares. 

Multiply how many blocks you’ll need for the width and the length to create the whole quilt top. 

Example:  12 X 10 = 120 blocks

Designing which blocks you would like to use can be done with your imagination or with software.

When it comes to software two names rise above the crowd.  Those names would be Electric Quilt and Quilt-pro.  Both have several features that include things like calculating the amount of fabric you would need for your project.

However, if you are able to imagine a look you don’t need anything that fancy. 

I only recommend using software if you plan to do a lot of quilting or need that extra visual help.  Don’t spend the money if you are just getting your feet wet.

Though I will admit it’s really helpful to know exactly how much fabric you’ll need upfront.

More Than One Design

If you are block quilting with more than one pattern, it is wise to have a strong vision in mind.  The better you can visualize it the more likely your end product will be beautiful.

There is also a less likelihood that you’d make a mistake.

I’ve made mistakes that came from either being too tired, or from just poor planning.  Avoid this by taking frequent breaks and really see how your pieces will be placed.

It would be a good idea of piecing a few blocks and arranging them together to get a good visual.

Sometimes this helps reaffirm your choice in designs.  Other times… you might change it up to something better.

To wrap up, find the patterns of block quilting that you would like to use.  Then calculate how many squares you would need.  Finish by having a clear direction of what the finished quilt will look like. 

This gives you the confidence and pride of making a beautiful functional work of art.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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