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Beginner Quilting Patterns

“Gateway to Fun”

This is our gateway page to beginner quilting patterns.  There are free patterns that we have for you to practice and use.  They are meant to be fun, easy, stress free and most of all pleasant to the eye.

We will guide you into this wonderful hobby and art that is quilting.

Don’t worry.  We will walk you through every step of the way.  If you ever have any questions, please contact us and we’ll help you further.

Beginner Quilting Patterns

Here is the list of what patterns we recommend for beginners to start with.

A large majority of quilters prefer template quilting.  Find out why with a free pattern or this free star in progress pattern!  Then start working with more pieces with this easy free Winter Drive pattern.

One line this free opposites is easy to work with!

Then grow to love this easy and simple free octagon block template pattern!

Get to know how to quilt with diamonds by using this free mill and stars template pattern.

Templates can even help you learn to sew curves to make quilting block.  Try it out with this free melon pattern.

Ready for a curvy challenge on a true classic?

Try this free wedding ring quilting pattern!

Or embrace the holidays with this free turtle doves foundation pattern!

Foundation quilting patterns is a page where you can find one of our example patterns, like our free diamond square block, the free twist, the free tulip block, the free tilted spiral, the free HC log cabin pattern, or this free kaleidoscope pattern.  We also demonstrate how to use this technique to the best of your advantage and give you various ones to fill in the blanks on your quilt.

Ready to grow your skills from squares and rectangles?

A perfect start would begin with this free flying goose foundation pattern!

Then give this free Alex star pattern a try!

Or light the way with this stained glass foundation pattern!

Reach for the sky and learn sewing diamonds with this free octagon star template pattern or this free bird template pattern.

The squares have it with this free easy template pattern.

After that, move on to assembling triangle pieces with this free chain template pattern or this free rose template pattern.

Then take a ride with use into past with our Free Tree of Paradise template pattern.

Ready to add some beauty?  Try this Free HC Rainbow Fan template pattern!

Falling in love with quilting?  Time to try this free bladed heart foundation pattern!

Then begin with the endless possibilities of the basic drunkard's path.

After that, try this whirlwind pattern, the drunkards pinwheel pattern, or the free flying geese pattern to start advancing your quilting technique.

Once your on your way, it's time to evolve into a more than basic free flying geese foundation pattern.

Ready to make a truly extraordinary quilt?  Give this free stained glass pattern a try!  You won't regret it.  We promise.

Or you can take on a classic with this free New York beauty foundation pattern!

Then try this fun free elephant foundation patternfree mosaic pattern, or this free mosaic pinwheel pattern!

After you've worked on the basics, it's time to move on to the intricate yet simple with this free Seattle pinwheel foundation pattern!

Embrace southwestern flavor with this fun free stripe template pattern or this free checkerboard template pattern!

Ready to make quilts spin? Give this free throwing star a try.

Have fabric that is just waiting for the perfect pattern to come together?

Take a look at making this free checkered past foundation pattern!

Then we have the free dimensional foundation pattern of your dreams! Or you can give the Free Crossing Foundation Pattern a try!

Ready to create something extrodinary?

Give the perfection of this free quarter star foundation pattern a try.  It's extremely versatile!

You might just be inspired to go shopping for more materials with this free ribbon piece pattern!

But than again, what should you do with all that leftover fabric from other projects?

Get crazy with this free crazy fun pattern!

Try this free scrap quilting pattern or this skull applique pattern to make a one-of-a-kind quilt.

Got leftover bits of fabric?

This free odd scraps patchwork pattern is a wonderful way to put them to use!

There is a free beginner pattern to feature our easiest technique ever.  It’s so simple any one can do it.  Plus, it’s creates visions of beautiful imagery.  This page also talks about why patterns are different for beginners and how to find them.

A strip quilting pattern for that mile a minute quilt that you want to make is the perfect touch to any project.

Dip your skill into applique with this free Star Flower pattern, this free rose pattern, or these triple heart patterns.

Then you can try the tulip applique pattern for your floral needs.  It's perfect for partnering up with our free butterfly applique pattern, free butterfly pattern 2, or this butterfly pattern 3!

Really love a butterfly motif?

Give this fabulous free butterfly ring applique pattern a try!

Add some layered floral beauty with this free flowers applique pattern or with this free block tulip applique pattern!

Then play around with this free rolling flower foundation pattern!

Having trouble with Y-seams?

Learn about a simple little trick and work with this free hunter star template pattern or this much desired free vacation needed pattern!  Then you can enjoy the holiday season with this free holiday wreath template pattern!

Heat up the night with this free fire star template pattern.

Once that is conquered, try this free diamond star template pattern or this free Where To foundation pattern a try!

Then move on to a touch of nature with this free cardinal foundation pattern!

Spring into action with this free rabbit foundation pattern or this free kitty foundation pattern!

Maybe you just want to keep it simple, yet beautiful.  This free criss cross template pattern could be just what you are looking for!

Let your heart soar with these heart wing patterns.

Ready for some country fun?

Try this easy free hen with chicks pattern or this free bird pattern!

Here's a free lotus flower applique pattern as our way of saying thank you for visiting us.

Easy home décor is achieved by using this beautiful wall hanging pattern.  It’s so effortless that it can be done in less than a day.  Our free paw prints pattern is a wonderful example of this.

Here’s another free applique pattern that will be a one of a kind treasure for the winter holiday's.  Friends and family can’t help but comment on how gorgeous you work of art is.

Also, learn how to display your wall quilts too for easy home décor.

Ready to get advanced?

This free advanced foundation pattern guides you through how to do more advanced paper piecing!

Now is the time to celebrate all that you've learned!

Give this free birthday cake foundation pattern a try and create and everlasting memory!.  Then hop on over to this free crazy spectacular paper piecing pattern for even more fun!

Ready for a pattern that is more advanced?

Try this free bleeding heart template pattern.

Then fall in love with this free rainbow spiral wedge pattern using a foundation technique.

Other Pages

These are other pages to help you along your way.

Beginner patterns for quilting will show you what to look for when shopping for future projects.  While this page will show you where to find them.

Quilting blocks answers all the questions about how to use them for a quick quilting top.

Celtic quilting will give you tips and trick to using our Celtic designs.

Need other ideas and free patterns to get your groove flowing?

Try some of our easy quilts to get you started.

Wrap Up

We’ll show you the steps and guide you through all of our beginner quilting patterns.  Click on any of these links and explore with us as we take you through our entertaining journey.  Before you know it, you’ll be ready to move through to some of our other techniques and methods.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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