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Beginner Hand Quilting

"Class 101"

Welcome to Beginner Hand Quilting 101.

Gather your needle, thread, thimble, hoop, and quilt.  We are about to walk you through hand quilting for beginners.

Hopefully you followed how to place your quilting hoop in Basic Quilting.  This is essential because we will begin from there.

Have you decided what design you want to quilt?  You can quilt any quilting design you want. 

If you are not stitching in-the-ditch, use a fabric pencil to mark on your quilt top.  This will guide you in your stitch placement for creative quilting.  In a pinch a regular pencil will work if you use it lightly. 

Find a comfortable place to sit.  This will be your quilting chair.

Now place the quilt on your lap with the hoop being your focal point. 

Place your writing hand on top of the hoop.  Your other hand will be underneath without the excess quilt in the way.  You want nothing to come between you and feeling both sides of your hoop.

Thread the needle with your quilting thread.

Knot only the long end of the thread.

Find the center of the fabric in your hoop.  Place your needle (from the underside) an inch from where you want to start quilting. Make the exit for your needle the starting point.  This means that most of the needle will be against the batting.

Give your needle a light tug to “pop” the knot between the fabric layers.  It might take a few times to get this.  Bury the knot is worth it though.

Once you have done this you can start weaving your stitch with the needle in the design you want your quilting to be.

Weaving your stitch can be done by guiding your needle with your thimble and your hand from underneath.  This is how to quilt.

It’s best that there only be 3 to 4 quilting stitches on the needle when you pull the tread taut. If there is more stitches on the needle, it will likely break your thread. L

If you can’t weave your stitch for quilting, it is ok!  This is beginner hand quilting.

It took me years to learn how.  Doing one stitch at a time still gets the job done.

I prefer to stitch-in-the-ditch to make my top pattern stand out.

After you have made several stitches totaling about 6 inches long it will be time to end the thread.  Knot your thread and bury the stitch like you did when you started quilting.

Then start a new thread.  Repeat until this hoop section is all quilted.

Adjust your hoop for the next section as it was suggested in Basic Quilting.

After a while beginner hand quilting develops a rhythm.  Remember to take frequent breaks and stretch.  Before you know it will be time to finish your quilt with binding.  Binding will be discussed in Classic Quilting Methods.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

› Beginner Hand Quilting

› Beginner Hand Quilting
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