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Batting for Quilting

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What is the best batting for quilting?

It depends on what type your quilt you are making and what it will be used for.

We’ll go over the different types of batting in detail on each page and let you know how each preforms for different tasks.

There will also be recommendations on where these battings can be found.

Later on this page we’ll go over 100% cotton batting, after we cover questions to ask yourself.  These questions will help you decide what you are looking for in a filler of choice.

Questions to Ask

Is the quilt going to be used as a wall-hanging?

What about bed size quilts?

Should it be really warm?

Is the quilt going to be used year around?

Are you going to hand quilt or use a machine?

These are questions that are a good place to start when deciding on what batting for quilting to use.

We’re sure you’ll come up with even more questions of your own, too.


Cotton is the first material on our list for different types of battings that are on the market.

When it comes to cotton batting one name stands above all others.  Warm & Natural is the brand of choice for many quilters.  Here’s the reason why.

Their cotton batting doesn’t damage your sewing needles because there are no glues, adhesives, or resins in the product.  They also improved the washing system to make sure no debris (i.e. leaves, stems, and neps) is in the filler so your needles won’t dull.

The batting is needle punched when made so your sewing needles will glide when you sew.

This cotton batting also doesn’t beard through fabric yet the fabric tends to cling to the batting.  This is very helpful for long term quilts that will be machined.

Quilting and tying can be done as far as 10 inches apart.  No small feat in that.

When the batting is washed for the first time there is only about a 3% rate of shrinkage. That’s why it is best to prewash this batting by hand before using in a quilting project.

Cotton is very breathable, and though it is warm, it’s best for average climates.  This batting is perfect for quilts that will be used during the warmer months or for decorations. 

Cotton is great for creating works that are to resemble antiques.  It can even be dyed to help with that effect.

Warm & White is just like Warm & Natural because it’s by the same company.  The only difference between the two is that Warm & White is … well really white. 


There are several places that have these brands available.  Our favorite stores are Wal-Mart, Joann’s, and because they always have it in stock and at a reasonable price.  Best of all these stores offer websites that ship the product right to your home and have great guarantees. 

Wal-Mart even lets you do a site to store purchase, where you can order online and then pick it up the next time you’re going to the store in your town.

Wrap Up

When choosing the batting for quilting that you want to use, think about the benefits of each to make your choice.  To read about the next batting on our list, polyester batting, go to this page.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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