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Batik Fabric for Quilting

“To Dye For”

When looking at batik fabric for quilting the imagination juices start flowing.  There are so many colors to choose from.  They all tend to complement each other too. 

This is what makes them ideal for creating gorgeous quilts.


Ok all these colors are beautiful, but how do I know the quality is good.

No one wants to buy a lot of fabric thinking they’re getting quality when they wash the material and find out that the weave is unraveling or worse the color bled out.

Of course you can tell the quality better when you are able to physically touch the material.  You can tell how tight the weave is this way.  When you look at your fingers afterwards you’ll be able to tell if the dye is going to wash out. 

It’s ok if it rubs off a little, but if your skin now looks like you’ve been coloring Easter eggs BEWARE!

All this is fine if you can find these beautiful textiles in your local store, but what about online.

When shopping online, it’s best if you look at names that are known for their high quality products.

A couple of very well-known brands that produce batik fabric are Robert Kaufman, Moda, and Timeless Treasures.  

Can’t find any information on the brand of the fabric you are looking at? Ask for a swatch.  Most stores that are online selling fabrics understand that we like to be hands on when picking out what we want.

If they don’t offer swatches, do they have a guarantee?  A 30 days money back guarantee is ideal.

If neither of these options is given don’t walk. Run away!  They are not worth your time or money.

There is a very large selection of batik to see at Carolina Cotton Company.  They offer a 30 day money back guarantee too.

One of the most trusted sites for fabric of any kind is which offers free shipping on orders of $35 or more, plus they have free return shipping in case there is a problem with your order.


So many colors to choose from that it’s like a candy store.  Batik fabrics are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Here are some examples:

It doesn't stop there either.


Any pattern will look great when you incorporate batik fabric.

We prefer patterns that are more intricate in design than just simple squares.  It still looks good, but the more elaborate the pattern the more the batik will help you create a master piece.

The nice thing about this type of fabric is that you can treat it the same way you would with any cotton quilting fabric.

Some batiks look like they should be slippery and slide a lot when you’re sewing.  Usually, this is an illusion because most of them use 100% cotton fabric.

That’s why your quilt will look as if you put more effort into it than any other.  The illusion will work in your benefit.

Wrap Up

Batik fabric for quilting is ideal when working with high quality.  Your family and friends will be in awe when they see your final quilt.  Maybe they will even want you to make one for them too. ;)

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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