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Bali Quilting Fabric

“Bali Pop…Bali Pop”

Bali quilting fabric is either hand dyed or created by using wax and dye (batik method) to create the design.  The name is taken after the place that this style of fabric originated, which is Bali. 

This fabric is now made in different places all over the world including Indonesia.

You can even make it at home using a tie-die batik method.

There are several ways to incorporate these materials into your quilts.  It matters very little if you choose to work with Bali fabric made out of cotton or rayon.  Keep in mind that rayon is a bit more slippery to work with than cotton.

We’ll go over the way to used precut pieces into your art. 

Bali Pops

Bali pops are strips of Bali fabric that are precut.  They tend to be 2.5 inches wide and as long as the bolt was wide.  Usually the strips are around 44 inches long. 

The easiest ways to incorporate this precut fabric is to use them for strip quilting.

This is why they are our number one favorite way of making a quilt using Bali fabric.  It’s a very quick and efficient way to whip out a beautiful quilt.

Don't let the beauty of this material limit you to just using it for quilts.  It’s just as fabulous being used to make handbags, purses, or diaper bags.

You imagination is your only limitation.

Bali Snaps

Bali snaps are also known as charmed square that measure 5 x 5 inches.

They are perfect for making a patch work quilts as it is.

This fabric can be cut into different pieces for a piece square design, but this is not advised.

We feel it would be a waste of costly product and would be a better investment to upgrade them to Bali crackers for cutting designs or pieces out.

Bali Crackers

Bali crackers are a lot like Bali snaps.  The difference is in the size.  Bali crackers are 10 x 10 inches.

This size makes them more of an ideal choice if you want to use the material for piecing.

The colors make quilt designs even more enchanting then just ordinary quilting fabric.

Wrap Up

There are magnificent colors to choose from when working with Bali quilting fabric.  Once you take a look at some, you’re imagination juices will flow.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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