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Baby Quilts

The perfect gift

Baby quilts are a wonderful way to welcome a new person into your life.  They are also a great gift to an expecting mother.

Here I’ll walk you through creating a one of a kind quilt for a little one.


Have you decided what type of fabric you want to create this quilt out of?

Is it going to be soft and fuzzy or smooth and silky?

There are two ways to approach this.

1.    Choose to do a quilt that uses fabrics that have all the same texture


2.    Make a quilt top that uses several different textures for fabric.

There is no one right way to decide.

Babies are new to this whole wide world around them. 

They enjoy exploring different textures.  A quilt that implements corduroy and fleece can really stimulate the infant’s development.

However, it might be best not to stimulate them too much.

Something to think about when you are deciding between these two different approaches is if you intend for this quilt to be used during playtime or sleepy time.

Also, do you want to work with different types of materials?

Once you have those questions answered you’ll know how you want to do the project.



So what is the perfect size for a baby quilt?

There is no one tried and true answer to that question.

The size can range from 24” x 24” to 36” x 48”.

Part of the decision process that helps determine the size for each individual project is to answer some of the following questions.

What exactly is the quilt going to be used for?

For use in a car seat, crib, or just used on the floor to help create a clean space?

Quilts for a car ride are typically much smaller than a quilt for the play area.

Crib size quilts vary by actual size.  Typically, they are around 30” x 48”.

If you decide to make a baby quilt for a crib remember to make the quilt modest in size.  This is because the extra material might contribute to S.I.D.S. (sudden infant death syndrome) by bunching against the sides of the crib. 

One of the ways to make a baby size quilt is by using quilting blocks.  The blocks themselves might guide you in your dimensions.

For instance blocks that are 6 inches make it easy to do a 4 x 4 blocks or a 6 x 7 blocks to make the quilt.

When you’ve decided the fabric and size that will be used, then choose your layout.



There are two ways to complete the binding of an infant quilt.  Both are explained in classic quilting methods.

Both are alright to have for this type of quilt.

I have implemented both ways of finishing with all of my four children and I never had any types of problems.

The bulkier edges that the “bringing the back to the top” method can be a spot for infants to play with.  It usually draws their attention and is not a hazard.

Quilts that have the satin edging can have the same effect.

Just make sure the stitching is very secure especially around the corners.  This is usually where babies tend to put the quilt in their mouths.

Remember to trim all excess string before letting this quilt be a finished product.


Wrap up

There will be a sense of pride when you see your quilt wrapped around this world’s most precious gift.  After all… that’s what baby quilts are for.  Enjoy it!

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