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Baby Quilts with Love

by Sanjana

I confess that I love making baby quilts. And it isn't because I know a lot of women having kids, though quite a few of them do seem to be popping out babies recently.

Baby quilts are small projects that you can finish in a short period of time. You can machine quilt them without feeling as though you're wrestling with an angry critter. They let you explore new techniques or colors, and if you decide that you hate, say, doing pieced borders, you haven't taken on an obligation that you can't bear to finish. Because they're small, you are likely to have all the fabric for one already in your stash.

Best of all, if you're not yet an accomplished quilter, it's really easy to justify making a baby quilt. You can tell yourself that a baby is just going to spit up on it anyway -- so don't worry too much if it isn't perfect.

And that's just the advantages to the quilter. The parents are always awestruck by the gift, because you made it for their kid. (Despite that "spit up" promise to I made to myself, one gift recipient hung it on the wall of the baby's room. Oh well. She's far away and I don't have to look at all the mistakes I know I made.)

Of course, you don't need to have a baby involved at all. If you don't choose nursery fabrics or pastel colors, these quilts make very nice wall hangings.

Give it a try and see why they are a fun project to make and learn on.

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