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Baby Quilt Gone Wrong

by Lynn

Biggest Quilting Mistake

Biggest Quilting Mistake

When I was about to have my daughter I wanted to make her a baby quilt.

I found the perfect fabric. It was super soft baby fleece. The print on it was even a cute "I Love Mommy, I Love Daddy".

I bought enough fabric to make two blankets. If I remember right it was about 2 yards. They're baby blankets afterall.

Sounds like a good fit for a baby quilt. Doesn't it?

I decided that I wanted to use the fabric to make a whole cloth quilt and just concentrate on the quilting aspect.

But what hand quilting design should I use?

I came up with an excellent answer: Hearts for one and a made up scallop design for the other.

The heart quilting pattern was used on the first quilting attempt.

As you can see it came out pretty well. The only thing is that the hearts are upside down when you face the lettering the correct way.

No biggie right?

I didn't even notice it until I took a picture of it.

Now that one was finished, it was time to start the other quilt.

I found the scallop shape that I wanted to use and drew it out on my quilt using fabric pencils.

Note to self: don't use pencils on fleece. It makes the pile rise and snags the material.

The design wasn't that cool, but it didn't really matter. A baby isn't going to complain.

What really bugged me (and still does) is that I didn't double check my fabrics beforehand.

As soon as I was finished and really "looked" at the quilt I noticed the biggest mistake ever.

The lettering was wrong. I quilted the materials with the top facing backward to me.

It's awful and I kept it that way for a few reasons.

One: To remind myself that mistakes happen.

Two: I'm lazy and I wasn't going to undo all of my hand quilting just to do it all over again.

That baby is now 5 years old and everytime she sees the two quilts side by side, she points out to me which one is spelled the right way.

So I guess it's now a teaching tool.

I've learned that baby quilts can be the road to quilting heck and paved with the best of intentions.

That's my story and I hope that you enjoyed it.

Lynn from AZ

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