Solo Build It!

Awesome Creativity!

by Rebecca Humburg
(Pueblo, Colorado, USA)

About a year ago, I had a customer request me to make a few custom patterns for him.

There were 4 patterns of the same design, but in four different sizes. All of them are applique patterns drawn by hand.

It took awhile to make them perfectly and have the design be exactly how he wanted.

Quite honestly it was a bit frustrating, but I really like having happy customers. So I invested the extra time into these creations.

Once they were done to his satisfaction, he purchased the patterns and I hadn't heard anything until 3 days ago.

That's when he contacted me to show me the finished works.

I've attached pictures of the four different masterpieces he created.

I'm glad I worked so hard on them, because the finial creations are incredible!

Don't you think so?

Which on is your favorite?

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