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Applique Baby Quilting Pattern

“Cute Little Toes”

Would you like a free applique baby quilting pattern?

Then take a walk with us as we show you how to use our Baby Feet applique in the easiest possible way. 

This pattern can be so much fun that you’ll just want to keep playing and before you know it the time has flown away.


To get your copy of this free baby feet design in PDF format, click here:

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It’s a simple download and you can adjust the size of the pattern if you would like.  If the design is left unaltered the applique of each foot is approximately 4 inches long.


Now we’ll walk you into the how to use this applique design.

When the size or sizes are to your liking, print the image out with your printer.

With the pattern is physically in your hands, trace it onto the paper side of your favorite fusible.

We prefer Heat n Bond brand because it is wonderfully inexpensive, easy to work with, and less time consuming. 

Lite hold is used for projects that will be washable and stitched down, which is ideal for if this design is going to be used on an acutual baby quilt. 

Ultra hold is perfect for wall hangs, framed quilts, and raw appliques.  You can find this at a number of shops.  Walmart usually has it in stock as well as and

Once the design is traced, cut out the design along the outer lines.  This is to ensure that we will be trimming the fabric after the applique pattern is glued on.

Be sure not to cut upon the inner line at this time. 

Now that every piece is cut out, press them onto the back of the appropriate fabric. Do this with a medium hot iron.  As you press count to 3.  Example: 1 little piggy, 2 little piggy, 3 little piggy.

Once the fusible is adhered to the back of the correct fabrics cut along the lines that are left.

It should only be a thin layer of fabric that is cut off the edges.  This is good as it will prevent your fabric from fraying and avoiding the whiskered effect that you don’t want. 

After doing the last trimming to your design pieces we need to find the placement of where on the quilt top or background fabric you want the design to be. 

Once you have that determined, press the pieces into place with the medium hot iron again and count to 5.  

Remember the previous example?

Then you may stitch down your applique with a tight zigzag or satin stitch if so desired.  Otherwise, if the ultra-hold fusible was used, the pattern can be left as a raw edge applique.

All the steps completed?

Excellent!  Your work of art is complete.

Wrap Up

We know you’ll love working with this simple applique baby quilting pattern.  We sure do.  Get ready to hear the giggles of delight from the grown-ups as well and the kids when they see your quilt.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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