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Anything goes on this thread.  From bizarre stories to non-quilting talk, as long as it abides by the quilting forum guidelines, it can be posted here.

Here you will find an example of an appropriate post (which is pure fantasy) and a reminder of what is acceptable and what will be removed.


My daughter decided to visit Mexico this summer.  She’s been studying Spanish for over 2 years now and wants to immerse herself in the language and culture.

I’m a little nervous because she is going to go alone.  Crossing over the border into Mexico is not exactly the best thing for a girl to do on her own.

That’s why unbeknownst to her, my husband and I are going to take a trip too.  We’ll follow behind her every step of the way.  Since I booked her trip it will be easier than you think.  I even made sure our rooms were close together at the resort everyone will be staying at.

It’s not the type of vacation I really wanted in Mexico, but I want my little girl to be protected.  Her father is on that boat with me too. 

We’ve both been down in the border towns before.  Usually we would just travel there for a lunch or dinner, walk around all of the shops and see the different jewelry and fabric, and then we would enjoy the ride home.

It wasn’t too long ago when we lived near the Mexican border with Arizona.  It was a very pleasant day trip back then.  We both miss the excuse for a longer ride on the motorcycle.

Now I feel like we get to play covert secret agents. Wish us luck.


Post anything that is quilting or non-quilting related.  It doesn’t have to relate to crafts of any kind.

Even stories of fantasy or the unbelievable can go here.

The only real rule to this thread is to abide by the guidelines for using the quilting forum.


Please do not use vulgar or offensive language and/or subject.

It’s alright to be controversial, but there is no need to insult or alienate others.

Wrap Up

The anything goes thread can be a fun place just to tell a story or an update of your life.  Have fun with it.  When you are ready to post to this thread, just use the form down below.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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