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My name is Rebecca.

Quilting started to interest me at 16.  I would watch for hours as my grandmother quilted in her favorite chair. 

Unfortunately, she passed away that same year and never got a chance to really show me how it was done.

Ever since she gave me the “quilting bug”, I studied existing quilts.  I loved the artwork with fabric placement and the stitches were neat too.

Finally, when I was 21, I decided that I would learn how to quilt.  I was able to find a decent book that walked me through making a quilt from start to finish.

It’s too bad that I can’t find that book anymore.

I didn’t have a sewing machine and wasn’t sure I wanted one.

I made a promise to myself though.  I would make my first quilt every step of the way without one.  At the end of the process, if I wanted a machine, I would save up.

After the six months that it took me to make that full size quilt, my family surprised me with the best Christmas present ever.

Not only did they buy me my first sewing machine, they also gave me the sewing table that my mother grew up with. She never used it anyway. ;)

Now , almost 20 years later, I use my quilting supplies on a semi regular basis.

My four children watch me sew and quilt with awe on their faces.

More than one has displayed an interest in learning the ways of quilting and sewing.

Now that they are getting old enough, I am beginning to teach them.

That’s me in a nutshell.

I hope you enjoy my site and let inspiration flow.


Thanks for visiting,

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