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A New Quilt from Scraps

by Chaitali

It was last autumn. I was busy cleaning the house for Diwali celebration, when I suddenly came across a place which once I was very busy with- my sewing area. It looked like an old cloth storage zone.

When I open the lid of my sewing machine, I saw all threads scattered, the hem was out of place, and the needles rusted. It made me feel sad, because once this machine helped me a lot.

I quickly decided to clean and oil the machine, which I done with a lighting speed. Then I come across a dump of old cloths.

Since winter was approaching so quickly, I thought of making a QUILT for my little one. I drove to the nearby shopping mall, brought some needful things, and spend rest of the day in making it. I sewed all the left over cloth pieces together and quickly arranged and re-arranged it. I ran it under the machine and the most colorful quilt was ready.

I felt very good and proud. It was very well appreciated by my family members and they were very happy over it. It is now used by my daughter. She is very possessive about it.

The best thing about it, is that I used material from the left overs to make a useful item. Now all the place is cleaned, things are stored and rearranged, and last but not the least, my old sewing machine started again.

After the quilt was made, I received so many words of encouragement, that now I look for things through which I can make quilt and gift my loved ones.

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