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A Lifetime Of Quilting Appreciation

by Frances
(Texas, USA)

It is almost impossible, for me, to tell of when I first became interested, in the art of quilting. I am of German Catholic descent and my Grandma, along with her sisters, quilted together, sometimes, as a means of getting together and visiting, with each other.

I remember, somewhat well, one of these occasions, when my Grandma and my Great Aunts all got together, to piece together, a quilt. I was a very young child, and I was also very curious. I wondered what, exactly, the silver thing that all of the ladies had, might be, if it weren't a toy.

My Mom had been telling me, throughout the evening, that I should leave them alone, and so, I finally asked my Grandma, what they were. She explained, to me, the purpose of a thimble, and I instantly wanted to learn, how to do, what she was doing, but I was a child and too easily distracted by the idea of playing with my cousins, so all I had learned, was the thimble's purpose.

To this day, I still wish to learn this fine craft, though I am also wishing to learn, the art of sewing. I have always appreciated the keepsake quality of quilts.

My Grandma had left all of us, many of them. I use one, as my bedspread, and though it has travelled, with me, from my college dorm room, and through moving in and out of 3 apartments, through the last dozen years, it is still in great condition and serves its purpose well, though I do take very good care of it. It has so much meaning, to me, especially, since my Grandma is passed away. It exists, as a gift, from her, which has lasted, even though she isn't around.

Recently, I have taken a job, with a local workroom, which produces quilts, draperies, and other fabrications, mostly handmade, for those who work within the interior decoration field and wish for items, of custom make. My employer, who has had this business, for many years, is willing to teach this craft, to me, while my chief duty, is more of a secretarial role. She appreciates that I have a thirst to learn and I am grateful that she is interested in teaching me a craft, by which I may commemorate my Grandma, as she is truly missed.

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