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A Continued Legacy

by Laura
(Ellicott City, MD, USA)

The quilt pictured is one I was given upon graduating high school. It is very special to me as it keeps me warm not only physically but emotionally.

I received a similar quilt to this one after I was born. All of my cousins on my dad's side received quilts, as quilting was something my grandmother was very passionate about and skillful at.

She had dozens of grandchildren and she made quilts for all of them while they were in the womb.

As we all grew older, she started a new project. She made bigger quilts for everyone who had graduated high school. They were all unique in their colors and patterns. Since she had high hopes for us all and quite a bit of free time after retiring, she made most of the quilts ahead of time.

She suddenly developed cancer when I was in middle school and passed away when I was 12. I had not even entered high school yet, much less graduated. That was an incredibly tragic year, as I not only lost her, but both of my mom's parents, a classmate, and family friends.

I became very well acquainted with loss and grief at the age of 12. I don't think I ever could have foreseen then what a capable, emotionally mature, and warm person I would grow into.

There are still grandchildren being born and there have been talks among the cousins of who is going to continue the quilt tradition. My dad's dad has since remarried, and my new grandmother and I have discussed taking on the task together.

I look forward to carrying on this legacy of warmth with her.

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