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Free Quilting Patterns Inside
October 02, 2015

“Inspiration to Bring Your Creations to Life”

October 2, 2015

Quilting Memories, Issue #028 -- October Quilting 2015

Quilting Memories brings you the latest information about quilting. We are a place for beginners to learn and experts to get new ideas.

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Welcome to our October 2015 quilting newsletter issue.

We are here to inspire you towards your next quilting masterpiece!

In this installment you will find:

The winner of the monthly contest for September 2015.

See the new quilting designs that are up for grabs for the monthly contest of September.

This month’s free quilting pattern just for e-zine subscribers.

The other free patterns that were posted in August.

Additional new pages and patterns.

Online Quilting Class Review.

Best Quilting Moments Contest Winner for September 2015


The winner of this month's contest is... drum roll please...

No one!

Wait a second.

That meant that YOU would have been the winner!

Don't miss out on this month's contest and yoru chance to win free applique patterns!

Remember, this is a monthly contest. You can enter as many stories as you like every month.

Even quilting works in progress can be entered!

Who will be the winner for the month of September?

Submit your experience and see if you'll be a winner!

Here is what the free quilting design for just entering looks like:

Visit our quilting contest page to see the video of the designs that can be won for October 2015!

E-zine Free Quilting Pattern Before Anyone Else

“Daffodil Line”

Add a little floral motif to your quilting stitches!

This is such a simple design that we know you might want to use it again and again. That is why it is best to print it out and make your own hand quilting template with a stencil. We describe how to

make your own stencil here.

Here are the steps to complete it:

Align your template to where you want your lines to be.

Mark the template image using your favorite method. This could be fabric markers, pencils, quilt pounce, etc.

Now that the image of the pattern has been transferred to your quilt top in the sections you are working, place your quilting stitches along the lines.

Then move on to the next section and the next and so on until all of the quilting on your top is completed.

When your quilt is quilted, bind the edges with your choose method, and add your label.

Tada! Your quilt is now a finished masterpiece.

September’s Free Pattern Pages

Free Swirl Circle Line Quilting Pattern - Set your quilting lines apart with this pattern.

Free Diamond Wreath Line Pattern - Diamonds are a girls best friend!

Free Triangle Wreath Line Pattern - This triangle design is terrific fun!

Christmas Flower Applique Pattern - There is nothing like free applique patterns to ring in the holiday season.

Free Butterfly Applique Pattern 2 - Let your quilt fly free with this beautiful butterfly!

To find these pages just visit and use our search feature.

Additional New Pages

Online Quilting Class 2

Quilting Shop: Find out what we have to offer.

• Stained Glass Log Cabin Patterns 2

• Dresden Fan Patterns 6

• Dresden Fan Patterns 7

• Halloween Applique Patterns

• Flower Template Patterns 2

• Crazy Patch Foundation Patterns 4

• Halloween Applique Patterns 2

• Ocean Life Applique Patterns

• Star Template Patterns 8

• Curvy Template Patterns

• Halloween Applique Patterns

• Chain Quilting Template Patterns 2

• Halloween Foundation Patterns

• Stained Glass Patterns 3

• Star Template Patterns 9

• Basket Foundation Patterns

• Stained Glass Patterns 2

• Border Foundation Patterns

• Leaf Applique Patterns

• Star Template Patterns 10

• Crazy Foundation Patterns

• Stained Glass Log Cabin Patterns 3

Additional posts have been made in our quilting forum, too!

If you would like to find these pages quickly, use the site search option.

Online Quilting Class Review

We've been taking a new class.

Design it, Quilt It: Free-Form Techniques with Cindy Needham

This online quilting class covers a lot.

That's why we've broken it down.

In last month’s issue we covered the first 4 lessons.

Now we’ll cover the next 4.

Here’s the breakdown of the 5 - 8 of the 11 lessons:

Lesson 5 – Stencils. Cindy Needham teaches us not only how to use a stencil, but also how to break it down. Then she shows how to take bits and pieces of several stencils and put them together to make one of a kind creations!

Lesson 6 – Medallions. This lesson is essential if you like to make whole cloth quilts.

Cindy teaches how the quilting can take center stage.

We now have a new favorite technique because of this lesson!

Lesson 7 – Design Basics. This lesson teaches us how to hide piecing mistakes with our quilting.

Cindy goes over how to place your stitches to get the best desired effect onto your quilt.

Lesson 8 – The Basic Three. Don’t have a stencil?

You won’t need one with the basic three designs Cindy shows you.

These awesome creations are perfect on their own or used as a filler.

We’re particularly fond of the S-curve designs.

This online quilting class is a rather long and involved one so we're watching and reviewing it in sections.

Next month we’ll review lessons 9 - 11.

We loved the first 8.

The last lessons will sure to be having us chomping at the bit to start our next quilting project.

Wrap Up

We hoped you enjoyed this month’s issue of our quilting newsletter.

Comments? Ideas? Feedback?

We'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell us what you think!

Until next month.

Happy quilting,


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