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Free Fall Quilting Pattern
November 02, 2013

“Inspiration to Bring Your Creations to Life”

November 2, 2013

Quilting Memories, Issue #005 -- Fall Quilting Pattern

Quilting Memories brings you the latest information about quilting. We are a place for beginners to learn and experts to get new ideas.

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Welcome to our Fall/Autumn quilting newsletter issue. It’s sure to inspire and jump start you towards your next quilting masterpiece.

In this installment you will find:

The winner of the monthly contest for October 2013.

See the new quilting designs that are up for grabs for the monthly contest of November.

Store for new quilting patterns.

This month’s free quilting pattern just for e-zine subscribers.

The other free patterns that were posted in October.

Additional new pages.

Book Review.

Best Quilting Moments Contest Winner for October 2013



For her great story about the “Quilted Schoolbag”.

Thank you for sharing this with us Lynn. We love how you used our information and recycled old jeans to make this excellent bag for your daughter.

We all look forward to reading more stories and seeing more quilts from you.

To read her winning story please visit Lynn's story.

Remember that this is a monthly contest. You can enter as many stories as you like every month.

Who will win November's free designs?

Here is what the free quilting design for just entering looks like:

Click on the picture or visit our contest page and see a video of the designs that can be won for November 2013!

New Store for Quilting Patterns

The month of September was very eventful.

Our new store opened on Craftsy.

We’ve been adding new patterns like crazy.

You can get free patterns in PDF format. Past designs that were only available to those that entered the monthly contest and winners are now presented for purchase. Other fresh and incredible designs are obtainable instantly.

Take a look around our store and see if there is anything you like. Nothing strikes your fancy?

Please be sure to give us new ideas of inspiration by email and we’ll see what can be accomplished. We love suggestions!

Follow us on Craftsy, to be notified when something new is created.

E-zine Free Quilting Pattern Before Any One Else

“Aspen Leaf Applique”

Just in time for Fall!

This is a simple applique quilting pattern. It makes a wonderful wall-hanging or art piece using a Fall or Autumn motif.

Save the image and adjust the size if needed. This typically makes a 6x6” block when the applique is done on its own.

• Trace the design onto lite fusible adhesive. Preferably, Heat n Bond ultra-hold. (Lite hold may be used if the applique will be stitched down.)

• Cut the pieces in-between the lines.

• Select which fabrics will be the applique and which will be the background.

• Iron press fusible onto the back of desired fabric.

• Now cut fabric on the line of the design that was traced so none of the ink shows on the interfacing paper.

• Find ideal placement for the applique pieces on the background fabric.

• Peel off the paper from the fusible and iron press applique into place.

• When all the pieces are pressed in the correct places, sew them into place with a tight zigzag stitch (aka. Satin stitch) around the edges of the applique pieces if lite hold was used. If ultra-hold was the fusible, then leave the design as a raw edged applique.

Now your quilting block is complete and it can be used any way you see fit.

Watch this video of the steps to see what it looks like.

October’s Free Pattern Pages

Various Quilting Applique Patterns: A variety of appliques to fill in the blanks of any quilt.

Easy Quilting Patterns: Simple yet beautiful pattern for any quilting motif.

Beautiful Rose Applique: Elegant and easy pattern for any skill level.

Machine Quilting Patterns: A new line pattern for you to enjoy.

Free Continuous Line Quilting Patterns: Yours for the taking.

To find any of these pages just visit and use our search feature.

Additional New Pages

Easy Quilts: Ideas on working with triangles.

Celtic Quilting Help: How to have perfect placement with our Celtic patterns.

Quilting Block Handbag: Follow this recipe to display your favorite quilting block.

Quilting for the Holidays: Make a gift worth remembering with our best design yet.

Quilting Supplies and Tools: Our gateway for the needed information.

Batting for Quilting: The wonders of cotton.

Polyester Batting for Quilting: The benefits and drawbacks to this man-made material.

Cotton Polyester Blended Batting: The best of both worlds?

Wool Batting for Quilting: It’s warm, but how do you know if it’s worth it?

Be sure to check out the quilting forum to see what other people have posted because we haven't added those pages to the list. Perhaps you too can join in with your own story or post.

If you would like to find these pages quickly, use the site search option.

Book Review

We decided this month to do something a little different than a book review. Instead, we’re doing a magazine review.

This review is about Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting

This magazine is truly worth it!

We love getting the latest information about quilting crafts, but what really strikes our fancy is fresh new patterns. This magazine does both.

Every issue is jam packed with information, patterns, and techniques. This is such a variety in each issue that it’s worth having a subscription or just pick up a new magazine every now and then to satisfy your quilting sweet tooth.

Both issues and subscriptions can be purchased at Barnes and Noble or Joann Fabrics.

We know you'll have fun playing around with all of these quilting projects.

Wrap Up

We hoped you enjoyed this month’s issue of our quilting newsletter.

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? We'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell us what you think!

Until next month.

Happy quilting,


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