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Free Beautiful Quilting Patterns Inside
December 02, 2016

“Inspiration to Bring Your Creations to Life”

December 2, 2016

Quilting Memories, Issue #043 -- December Quilting 2016

Quilting Memories brings you the latest information about quilting. We are a place for beginners to learn and experts to get new ideas.

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Welcome to our December 2016 quilting newsletter issue.

We are here to inspire you towards your next quilting masterpiece and some creative fun!

In this installment you will find:

Our entries into the monthly contest for .

See the new quilting designs that are up for grabs for the monthly contest of December.

This month’s free quilting pattern just for e-zine subscribers. (Easy Applique!)

The other free patterns that were posted in November.

Additional new pages and patterns.

Store Discounts!

Best Quilting Moments Contest for December 2016

The Winner of last month's contest is no one.

There were no entries for last month.

This means that anyone could have won, if they just entered.

Don't let free patterns pass you by.

All that is needed is a recap of your experience quilting and a picture of the project to get a free pattern.

Don't miss out on this month's contest for your chance to win free quilting patterns, too!

Remember, this is a monthly contest. You can enter as many stories as you like every month to up your chances of winning.

Even quilting works that are UFOs (Unfinished Objects) can be entered.

Will YOU be the winner for the month of December?

Submit your experience and see if you'll be our next winner!

Here is what the free 10 inch paper foundation pattern looks like, just for entering:

How do you get your free pattern?

First, submit your story with a picture.

Then as you are submitting it, make sure you have your email address filled out on the form. That way we can send the free pattern directly to your email as a PDF attachment.

It's that easy!

We look forward to reading your post!

Go to our quilting contest page to see the video of the designs that can be won for December 2016!

E-zine Free Quilting Pattern Before Anyone Else

“Bleeding Heart Block”

Take a little time to add this special touch to some future quilts!
Feel free to adjust the size and include this design to your next project.

Here are the steps to complete it as an applique:

Save the image and adjust the size if needed. This typically makes an 6x6” block when this applique is put together for a quilting block.

Trace the designs onto fusible adhesive. Preferably, Heat n Bond ultra-hold. (Lite hold may be used if the applique will be stitched down.)

Cut the pieces around the lines. Leave the actual line designs to be cut away later!
Select which fabrics will be the pieces of the applique and which will be the background.
Iron press fusible onto the back of desired fabric.

Now cut fabric on the line of the design that was traced (as well as the inner design) so none of the ink shows on the interfacing paper.

Find ideal placement for the applique pieces on the background fabric.

Peel off the paper from the fusible and iron press applique into place.

When all the pieces are pressed in the correct places, sew them into place with a tight zigzag stitch (aka. Satin stitch) around the edges of the applique pieces if lite hold was used. If ultra-hold was the fusible, then leave the design as a raw edged applique.

Now your quilting block is complete and it can be used any way you see fit.

November’s Free Pattern Pages

Free Twist Foundation Pattern - Log cabin easy!

Free Pointy Flower Line Pattern - Something different, yet beautiful!

Free Wineglass Line Pattern - This one makes it easy to make your own!

To find these pages just visit and use our search feature.

Additional New Pages

Quilting Shop: Find out what's new!

(Hint: We've added a lot of sets, so now you can save on your favorite patterns by buying them in bulk!)

• Border Foundation Patterns 2

• Crazy Fan Foundation Patterns 4

• 15 Inch Template Patterns 15

• Border Foundation Patterns 3

• 15 inch Template Patterns 16

• Album Star Template Patterns

• 10 Inch Star Foundation Patterns

• Album Star Template Patterns 2

• 10 Inch Star Foundation Patterns 2

• 10 Inch Toy Foundation Patterns

Additional posts have been made in our quilting forum, too!

If you would like to find these pages quickly, use the site search option.

Store Discounts

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How about physical items in our Etsy shop?
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Offers end on December 31st.

Wrap Up

We hoped you enjoyed this month’s issue of our quilting newsletter.

Comments? Ideas? Feedback?

We'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell us what you think!

Until next month.

Happy quilting,


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