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Free Quilting Patterns Inside
March 02, 2015

“Inspiration to Bring Your Creations to Life”

March 2, 2015

Quilting Memories, Issue #021 -- March Quilting 2015

Quilting Memories brings you the latest information about quilting. We are a place for beginners to learn and experts to get new ideas.

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Welcome to our March 2015 quilting newsletter issue.

We are here to inspire you towards your next quilting revelation!

In this installment you will find:

The winner of the monthly contest for February 2015.

See the new quilting designs that are up for grabs for the monthly contest of March.

This month’s free quilting pattern just for e-zine subscribers.

The other free patterns that were posted in February.

Additional new pages and patterns.

Review of a local Colorado quilt shop.

Well wishes!

Best Quilting Moments Contest Winner for December 2014


Lisa from Colorado.

We are so thrilled that we could help encourage you to try a new style of quilting.

It is an excellent quilt!

Thank you for sharing this with us.

We can't wait to see what happens next!

To read this winning story please visit
Lisa's Story.

Remember that this is a monthly contest. You can enter as many stories as you like every month.

Who will be the winner for March?

Submit your story and see if you'll be a winner too!

Here is what the free quilting design for just entering looks like:

Visit our quilting contest page to see the video of the designs that can be won for March 2015!

E-zine Free Quilting Pattern Before Any One Else

“Triple Hearts”

It's a triple threat... or would that be treat?

These simple applique quilting patterns were made by our daughter, Nikole!

Here are the steps to complete it:

Save the image and adjust the size if needed. This typically makes an 8x8” block when all three appliques are done for this one block.

• Trace the designs onto lite fusible adhesive. Preferably, Heat n Bond ultra-hold. (Lite hold may be used if the applique will be stitched down.)

• Cut the pieces around the lines. Leave the inner designs to be cut away later!

• Select which fabrics will be the pieces of the applique and which will be the background.

• Iron press fusible onto the back of desired fabric.

• Now cut fabric on the line of the design that was traced (as well as the inner design) so none of the ink shows on the interfacing paper.

• Find ideal placement for the applique pieces on the background fabric.

• Peel off the paper from the fusible and iron press applique into place.

• When all the pieces are pressed in the correct places, sew them into place with a tight zigzag stitch (aka. Satin stitch) around the edges of the applique pieces if lite hold was used. If ultra-hold was the fusible, then leave the design as a raw edged applique.

Now your quilting block is complete and it can be used any way you see fit.

February’s Free Pattern Pages

Free Clover Quilting Pattern: Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Free On-Point Heart Pattern: This little gift of love is perfect for anyone doing a foundation pattern for the first time!

Free Ribbon Hearts Line Quilting Pattern: Use this to help make elegant quilting stitches.

To find these pages just visit and use our search feature.

Additional New Pages

Foundation Patterns: Your one stop shop for all of our foundation patterns.

Quilting Shop: Find out what we have to offer.

• Animal Applique Quilting Patterns

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• Flower Foundation Quilting Patterns

• Crazy Patch Foundation Patterns

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• Celtic Template Quilting Patterns

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• Mosaic Foundation Patterns

• Moving Template Quilting Patterns

• Black Cat Silhouette Applique Patterns

• Flying Geese Foundation Patterns

• Easy Foundation Patterns 3

(We've been a little busy this month. ;) )

If you would like to find these pages quickly, use the site search option.


Here is your sneak peek at a review of a local quilt shop.

This page will be posted soon to the site.

Are you quilting in Colorado Springs?

Maybe in the town nearby?

We’ve been researching long arm quilting machines, but there's none around us to test out.

They’ve all been sold!

That’s why we started looking out of town, toward Colorado Springs.

That is where we found a little quilting shop (Ruth's Stitchery) that had a long arm quilting machine available to test drive.

They said it was already set up on their showroom floor and they can let us see the features of it.

We were so excited by these words that we couldn’t wait to make the trip.

At first this little (big) shop was extremely helpful.

They told us all about the machine. Gave us a chance to see how sturdy the frame actually was and the different features of the machine.

It was amazing how the Avante from Handi Quilter glided while doing manual stitches!

They even demonstrated some of the features of the frame and some of the features of the Pro Stitcher robotic quilting system. Then came the price.

We had already checked out the website of Ruth's Stitchery.

It had one price quoted on the website that was for all three (the machine, frame, and the Pro Stitcher). This price was $14,995.

When we got into the store however, a different price was quoted.

We took a couple of days to think about the offer.

Then we decided that was time to call up Ruth’s Stitchery and verify which price was really correct.

They told us they were aware that their website had a different price.

They were going to research it and call us back.

They called us back about 4 hours later. Unfortunately they weren't going to honor the price that they had online. (It was still there when we called, but has since changed.)

They stated that the price was for a different machine (a different Avante) that they had just sold.

It was the same model, the same floor brand, everything about it was the same, however evidently it was different according to the shop.

When the real price was over $3000 more we decided that it was time to walk away.

What would you have done?

Are we overreacting?

Give us your thoughts!

Wrap Up

We hoped you enjoyed this month’s issue of our quilting newsletter.

Comments? Ideas? Feedback? We'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this e-zine and tell us what you think!

Until next month.

Happy quilting,


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