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200 Quilt Blocks

Mix and Match by Davine Thomas

200 Quilt Blocks is our absolute favorite quilting book. 

Want to know why?

We'll explain the reasons why we believe it’s an excellent tool to have in your quilting arsenal.

Why We Love This Book

There are several reasons why we are so fond of this book.  The biggest reason would be the variety of what you can create with it. 

This one truly sparks the imagination.

It’s excellent for jump starting the creative juices and gets that special energy flowing.  There are excellent ideas and suggestions on combinations of the different blocks that you can make.  Plus we know you’ll be able to come up with a few original ideas of your own.

It also has a section on measurements and calculations.  Even though we’ve gone over this information in our beginner quilting section, it’s invaluable knowledge to have in a portable form.

This makes it quick reference guide to that information.

There are also some piecing techniques discussed in this book that make a tedious chore more of a speedy delight.

Personal Favorites

The blocks that are discussed in this guide are excellent, but a few have woven their way into our hearts.  We have a tendency to make them staples in our work.

This is a list of those squares.



Half-square Triangles


Four X

With just these five simple blocks alone, the combinations seem endless.  Most of these quilting squares are easy for beginners to learn some basics on. 

As your skills grow so will your possibilities.  Just add a few more blocks with some different challenges to them and you are well on your way to becoming a master quilter.

Wrap Up

There you have it.  200 quilt blocks is one of the best quilting books you will ever come across.

This book can sometimes be hard to find which is why we have a few links as to where you can purchase it.  That way it can be shipped directly to your home.

Barnes and noble is our personal favorite choice for getting this book.  It’s where we got our copy. :)

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

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