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Here you will find whatever you may be looking for, from various patterns to ebooks.  We’ve got it all and you have the ability to have it at your fingertips.

We’ve arranged items in categories to make it easier for you to navigate and discover what you want.  If for whatever reason, you still are unable to see what you are looking for; our site search option is available to locate things even quicker.

If you are still unable to find what you want, please contact us and we’ll see what we can make just for you.

Foundation Quilting Patterns

Even quilting novices can achieve expert precision with our paper foundation patterns.

These pages are of our block patterns:

Page 1 (Best Sellers)

Page 2 (Best Sellers)

Page 3 (Best Sellers)

Page 4 Animals

Page 5 (Strip Circles)

Page 6 (Crowns)

Page 7 (Pinwheels)

Page 8 (Borders)

Page 9 (Easter Eggs)

Page 10 (3D)

Page 11 (3D and Set)

Celtic Foundation Patterns

Celtic Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Celtic),

Page 2 (Celtic)

Page 3 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns)

Page 4 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns and Set)

Page 5 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns)

Page 6 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns And Set 2)

Page 7 (10 Inch Knots)

Page 8 (10 Inch Knots and Set 1)

10 Inch Foundation Patterns

Page 1 (10 Inch Bird's Nest and Linton)

Page 2 (10 Inch Double 3, Cut Glass Dish, and Set)

Page 3 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns)

Page 4 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns and Set)

Page 5 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns)

Page 6 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns And Set 2)

Page 7 (10 Inch Folded Corners and Texas Tears)

Page 8 (10 Inch Spinning Four, Chicago Star, and Set 3)

Page 9 (10 Inch Special, First Dance and Present)

Page 10 (10 Inch Chevron and Strips Border and Corner)

Page 11 (10 Inch Meeting Chevrons Corner, Border and Set)

Page 12 (10 Inch Rolling Star Patterns)

Page 13 (10 Inch Stars and Set)

Page 14 (10 Inch Teddy Bear and Rocking Horse)

Page 15 (10 Inch China Doll, Rocket, and Set 1)

Page 16 (10 Inch Log Cabin Twist)

Page 17 (10 Inch Log Cabin Twists and Set 2)

Page 18 (10 Inch Toy Blocks and T Rex)

Page 19 (10 Inch Toy Ball, Tricycle and Set 2)

Page 20 (10 inch Spiderwebs)

Page 21 (10 Inch Spiderwebs and Set)

Page 22 (10 Inch New Star and Johnny Round the Corner)

Page 23 (10 Inch WCT Union, Wheel of Fortune, and Set)

Page 24 (10 Inch Twist Log Cabin)

Page 25 (10 Inch Twist Log Cabins and Set)

Page 26 (10 Inch Beauties)

Page 27 (10 Inch Beauties and Set 1)

Page 28 (10 Inch Beauties)

Page 29 (10 Inch Beauties and Set 2)

Page 30 (10 Inch Twist Log Cabin)

Page 31 (10 Inch Twist Log Cabin and Set 4)

Page 32 (10 Inch Baskets - For a Southwestern Touch)

Page 33 (10 Inch Baskets and Set 1 -For a Southwestern Touch)

Page 34 (10 Inch On-Point Baskets)

Page 35 (10 Inch Baskets and Set 2)

Page 36 (10 Inch Outdoors Patterns)

Page 37 (10 Inch Outdoors Pattern and Set

Page 38 (10 Inch Beauties)

Page 39 (10 Inch Beauties and Set 3)

Page 40 (10 Inch Hunter Stars)

Page 41 (10 Inch Hunter Stars and Set 1)

Page 42 (10 Inch Star Chains)

Page 43 (10 Inch Star Chains and Set 1)

Page 44 (10 Inch Star Chains)

Page 45 (10 Inch Star Chains and Set 2)

Page 46 (10 Inch Knots)

Page 47 (10 Inch Knots and Set 1)

Page 48 (10 Inch Beauties)

Page 49 (10 Inch Beauties and Set 4)

Page 50 (10 Inch EQ Stars)

Page 51 (10 Inch EQ Stars and Set 1)

Page 52 (10 Inch EQ Stars)

Page 53 (10 Inch EQ Stars and Set 2)

Page 54 (10 Inch Birds)

Page 55 (10 Inch Birds and Set)

Page 56 (10 Inch HC Quarter Stars)

Page 57 (10 Inch HC Quarter Stars and Set 1)

Page 58 (10 Inch HC Quarter Stars)

Page 59 (10 Inch HC Quarter Stars and Set 2)

Beautiful Foundation Patterns

Page 1 (10 Inch Rainbow Star and Find Luck)

Baby Foundation Patterns

Page 1 (Baby Patterns Stork with Bundle of Joy and Baby Bottle)

Page 2 (Baby Rattle, Stroller, and Set)

Easy Foundation Patterns

Easy Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Easy Foundation Patterns)

Page 2 (Easy Foundation Patterns 2)

Page 3 (Easy Foundation Patterns 3)

Basket and Bowl Foundation Patterns

The Santa Fe motif are made easy with these basket and bowl designs!

Page 1 (Baskets)

Page 2 (Baskets)

Page 3 (Baskets)

Page 4 (Baskets)

Page 5 (On Point Baskets)

Page 6 (Bowls)

Kaleidoscope Foundation Patterns

Kaleidoscope Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Kaleidoscopes)

Page 2 (Kaleidoscope)

Mosaic Foundation Block Patterns

Mosaic Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Mosaics)

Page 2 (Mosaics)

Page 3 (Mosaics)

Page 4 (Mosaics)

Page 5 (Mosaics)

Page 6 (Mosaics)

Page 7 (Mosaic Sets)

Heart Foundation Block Patterns

Heart Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Hearts)

Page 2 (Hearts)

Pineapple Foundation Block Patterns

Pineapple Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Crazy Pineapples)

Page 2 (Pineapples)

Page 3 (Pineapples)

Page 4 (Pineapples)

Page 5 (Stained Glass Pineapples)

Page 6 (Stained Glass Pineapple Sets)

Album Foundation Block Patterns

Album Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Album Foundation Patterns)

Page 2 (Album Blocks)

Page 3 (Album Patterns)

Page 4 (Album Blocks)

Page 5 (Album Log Cabin Patterns)

Star Foundation Block Patterns

Star Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Stars)

Page 2 (Stars)

Page 3 (Stars)

Page 4 (Stars)

Page 5 (Stars)

Page 6 (Stars)

Page 7 (Stars)

Page 8 (Stars)

Page 9 (8 Pointed Stars)

Page 10 (Stars)

Page 11 (10 Inch Rolling Star Patterns)

Page 12 (10 Inch Hunter Stars)

Page 13 (10 Inch Hunter Stars and Set 1)

Page 14 (10 Inch EQ Stars)

Page 15 (10 Inch EQ Stars and Set 1)

Page 16 (10 Inch EQ Stars)

Page 17 (10 Inch EQ Stars and Set 2)

Page 18 (10 Inch HC Quarter Stars)

Page 19 (10 Inch HC Quarter Stars and Set 1_

Page 20 (10 Inch HC Quarter Stars)

Page 21 (10 Inch HC Quarter Stars and Set 2)

Flora and Fauna Foundation Block Patterns

Flower, Floral, and Fauna Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Flowers)

Page 2 (Flowers)

Page 3 (Maple Leaf and Flowers)

Page 4 (Flowers)

Page 5 (Flowers)

Page 6 (Trees)

Page 7 (Trees)

Page 8 (Flowers)

Page 9 (Bluebell and Potted Flowers)

Page 10 (Snowdrop and Daffodil Flowers)

Page 11 ( Flower Pattern Sets)

Movement Foundation Block Patterns

Movement and Motion Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Movement Patterns)

Page 2 (Movement)

Page 3 (Spinning Patterns)

Page 4 (Cross Patterns)

Page 5 (Cross Patterns)

Flying Geese Foundation Block Patterns

Flying Geese Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Flying Geese)

Page 2 (Flying Geese)

Page 3 (Flying Geese)

Page 4 (Flying Geese)

Page 6 (Flying Geese)

Page 7 (Flying Geese)

Page 8 (Flying Geese)

Page 9 (Flying Geese and Set)

Page 10 (Crazy Geese)

Page 11 (Crazy Geese and Set)

Log Cabin Foundation Block Patterns

Log Cabin Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Log Cabin Patterns)

Page 2 (Log Cabin Patterns)

Page 3 (Log Cabin)

Page 4 (Tilted Log Cabins)

Page 5 (Log Cabin Patterns)

Page 6 (Log Cabin),

Page 7 (Log Cabin)

Page 8 (Log Cabin)

Page 9 (Log Cabin Quarters)

Page 10 (Quarter Log Cabins)

Page 11 (Log Cabins)

Page 12 (Log Cabins)

Page 13 (Log Cabins)

Page 14 (Log Cabin Patterns)

Page 15 (Log Cabin Blooming Patterns)

Page 16 (Log Cabin Tilted and Twisted Sets)

Page 17 (Log Cabin Circles and Basic Sets)

Page 18 (Log Cabin Sets)

Page 19 (Log Cabin and Quarter Log Cabin sets!)

Page 20 (10 Inch Twist Log Cabin)

Page 21 (10 Inch Twist Log Cabins and Set!)

Stained Glass Foundation Block Patterns

Stained Glass Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Stained Glass)

Page 2 (Stained Glass)

Page 3 (Stained Glass)

Page 4 (Stained Glass)

Page 5 (Stained Glass Log Cabins)

Page 6 (Stained Glass Log Cabins)

Page 7 (Stained Glass Log Cabins)

Page 8 (Stained Glass)

Page 9 (Stained Glass Log Cabins)

Page 10 (Stained Glass Log Cabins)

Page 11 (Stained Glass Pineapples)

Page 12 (Stained Glass)

Page 13 (Quarter Stained Glass Sets 1-2)

Page 14 (Quarter Stained Glass Sets 3-4)

Page 15 (Stained Glass Log Cabin Sets)

Page 16 (Stained Glass Pineapple)

Page 17 (Stained Glass Pineapple Sets)

Holiday Foundation Block Patterns

Holiday Foundation Patterns:

Page 1 (Halloween)

Page 2 (Winter Holiday)

Page 3 (Winter Holiday)

Page 4 (Winter Holiday)

Crazy Patch Foundation Block Patterns

Crazy Patch Quilting Patterns:

Page 1 (Crazy Patch)

Page 2 (Crazy Patch)

Page 3 (Crazy Patch)

Page 4 (Crazy Patch)

Page 5 (Crazy Patch)

Page 6 (Crazy Patch)

Page 7 (Crazy Patch)

Page 8 (Crazy Patch)

Page 9 (Crazy Patch)

Page 10 (Crazy Patch)

Page 11 (Crazy Patch)

Page 12 (Crazy Patch)

Page 13 (Crazy Patch)

Page 14 (Crazy Geese)

Page 15 (Crazy Geese and Set)

Page 16 (Crazy Patch Sets)

Page 17 (Crazy Patch Sets 2)

Page 18 (Crazy Patch Sets 3)

Page 19 (Complex Crazy)

Page 20 (Complex Crazy)

Page 21 (Complex Crazy)

Page 22 (Complex Crazy)

Page 23 (Complex Crazy)

Page 24 (Complex Crazy)

Page 25 (Complex Crazy)

Page 26 (Complex Crazy)

Page 27 (Complex Crazy)

Page 28 (Complex Crazy Sets)

Page 29 (Complex Crazy Sets)

Page 30 (Complex Crazy and Set 5)

Page 31 (Crazy Fans)

Page 32 (Crazy Fans and Set)

Page 33 (Crazy Fans)

Page 34 (Crazy Fans and Set)

Foundation Wedding Ring Block Patterns

Make the Wedding Ring quilt of your dreams:

Page 1 (Foundation Pieced Wedding Ring Quilts)

Page 2 (Wedding Foundation Patterns)

Page 3 (10 Inch Foundation Wedding Ring Patterns)

Page 4 (10 Inch Foundation Pieced Wedding Ring Patterns and Set)

New York Beauty Foundation Patterns

Make the perfect New York Beauty quilt with these patterns:

Page 1 (New York Beauties)

Page 2 (Beauties)

Page 3 (Beauties)

Page 4 (Beauties)

Page 5 (Beauties)

Page 6 (Beauties)

Page 7 (Beauties)

Page 8 (Beauties)

Page 9 (Beauties)

Page 10 (Beauty Sets)

Page 11 (Beauty Sets)

Page 12 (10 Inch Beauties)

Page 13 (10 Inch Beauties and Set 1)

Page 14 (10 Inch Beauties)

Page 15 (10 Inch Beauties and Set 2)

Page 16 (10 Inch Beauties)

Page 17 (10 Inch Beauties and Set 3)

Page 18 (10 Inch Beauties)

Page 19 (10 Inch Beauties and Set 4)

Letter Foundation Block Patterns

Want to make perfect letter blocks?

These pages will help you do just that!

A thru D (A,B,C,D)

E thru H (E,F,G,H)

I thru L (I,J,K,L)

M thru P (M,N,O,P)

Q thru T (Q,R,S,T)

U thru X (U,V,W,X)

Y and Z

Number Foundation Block Patterns

Well we got letters, but what about numbers?

These block patterns will help you make wonderful counting quilts!

0 thru 3 (0,1,2,3)

4 thru 6 (4,5,6)

7 thru 9 (7,8,9,)

Foundation Quilt Patterns

While these pages are different quilt patterns, using our foundation blocks.  Don't worry. They come with the patterns for the blocks too.

Page 1Page 2

Template Quilting Patterns

Don't care as much about precision?

Just want to get the job done as quickly and easily as possible?

Then try some of our paper template quilting patterns.

We have some of the same designs as our foundation patterns, just in the easy to use template format.

Check to following pages to see if we got what you want:

Page 1 (Lucky Patterns)

15 Inch Block Template Patterns

Page 1 (15 Inch Stars)

Page 2 (15 Inch Flowers and Set 1)

Page 3 (15 Inch Windows)

Page 4 (15 Inch Window, Star, and Set 2)

Page 5 (15 Inch Folding Corners and Texas Tears)

Page 6 (15 Inch Stars and Set 3)

Page 7 (15 Inch Compass Patterns)

Page 8 (15 Inch Compass Patterns and Set)

Page 9 (15 Inch Bird's Nest and Linton)

Page 10 (15 Inch Cut Glass Dish, Double X 3, and Set)

Page 11 (15 Inch New Star and WCT Union Star)

Page 12 (15 Inch Rolling Star, Johnny Round the Corner, and Set)

Page 13 (15 Inch Double X and Album Star)

Page 14 (15 Inch Double X, Lost Ship, and Set)

Page 15 (15 Inch Album Block Patterns)

Page 16 (15 Inch Album Blocks and Set)

Page 17 (15 Inch Irish Chain Blocks)

Page 18 (15 Inch Irish Chain Blocks and Set)

Page 19 (15 Inch Bargello Patterns)

Page 20 (15 Inch Bargello and Set)

Page 21 (15 Inch Harlequin and Jungle Star)

Page 22 (15 Inch Storm at Sea, Star Swirl, and Set)

Page 23 (15 Inch Windmill Star and Star of North Carolina)

Page 24 (15 Inch Star of North Carolina, World's Fair Puzzle, and Set)

Page 25 (15 Inch Album Star Template Patterns)

Page 26 (15 Inch Album Star Template Patterns and Set)

Page 27 (15 Inch All Kinds and Cross Template Patterns)

Page 28 (15 Inch Roman Cross, Widower's Choice, and Set)

Page 29 (15 Inch Flagstones and Old Maid's Ramble)

Page 30 (15 Inch Leapfrog, Domino, and Set)

Page 31 (15 Inch Album Blocks)

Page 32 (15 Inch Album Blocks and Set)

Page 33 (15 Inch Baskets)

Page 34 (15 Inch Baskets and Set)

Page 35 (15 Inch Baskets)

Page 36 (15 Inch Baskets and Set 2)

Page 37 (15 Inch Baskets)

Page 38 (15 Inch Baskets and Set 3)

Page 39 (15 inch Magic Circle and Navajo)

Page 40 (15 Inch Steps to the Alter, T Quartette, and Set)

Page 41 (15 Inch Dimensional Nose Gay and Silver Maple)

Page 42 (15 Inch Dimensional Pieced Bouquet, Orange Peel, and Set)

Page 43 (15 Inch Road to California Patterns)

Page 44 (15 Inch Road to California Patterns and Set)

Page 45 (15 Inch Hunter Stars)

Page 46 (15 Inch Hunter Stars and Set 1)

Page 47 (15 Inch Star Chains)

Page 48 (15 Inch Star Chains and Set 1)

Page 49 (15 Inch Sweet Stars)

Page 50 (15 Inch Sweet Stars and Set 1)

Page 51 (15 Inch Sweet Stars)

Page 52 (15 Inch Sweet Stars and Set 2)

Page 53 (15 Inch Star Chains)

Page 54 (15 Inch Star Chains and Set 2)

Page 55 (15 Inch EQ Stars)

Page 56 (15 Inch EQ Stars and Set 1)

Page 57 (15 Inch Stars)

Page 58 (15 Inch Stars and Set 1)

Page 59 (15 Inch EQ Stars)

Page 60 (15 Inch EQ Stars and Set 2)

Page 61 (15 Inch Stars)

Page 62 (15 Inch Stars and Set 2)

Page 63 (15 Inch Sweet Pies)

Page 64 (15 Inch Sweet Pies and Set)

Page 65 (15 Inch Stars)

Page 66 (15 Inch Stars and Set 3)

Page 67 (15 Inch Floral Patterns)

Page 68 (15 Inch Floral Patterns and Set)

Page 69 (15 Inch Autograph Patterns - January and February)

Page 70 (15 Inch Autograph Patterns - March, April, and Set 1)

Page 71 (15 Inch Autograph Patterns - May and June)

Page 72 (15 Inch Autograph Patterns - July and August)

Page 73 (15 Inch HC Stars)

Page 74 (15 Inch HC Stars and Set 1)

Page 75 (15 Inch Window and Rainbow Ring)

Page 76 (15 Inch HC Patterns)

Page 77 (15 Inch HC Patterns and Set 1)

Page 78 (15 Inch Geometric)

Page 79 (15 Inch Geometric and Set 1)

Bargello Template Patterns

Page 1 (15 Inch Bargello Patterns)

Page 2 (15 Inch Bargello and Set)

Sawtooth Template Patterns

Page 1 (Sawtooth Patterns)

Page 2 (Sawtooth Patterns and Set)

Page 3 (Bordered Sawtooth Patterns)

Page 4 (Bordered Sawtooth Patterns and Set)

Page 5 (Sawtooth Patterns)

Page 6 (Sawtooth Patterns and Set)

Page 7 (Sawtooth Fan Patterns)

Page 8 (Sawtooth Patterns)

Page 9 (Sawtooth Frames and Set)

Southwestern Template Patterns

Page 1 (Half LeMoyne Star Patterns)

Page 2 (Checkerboard Patterns)

Page 3 (Checkerboard Patterns and Set)

Page 4 (Ladder Patterns)

Page 5 (Ladder Patterns and Set)

Page 6 (Half Star Patterns)

Page 7 (Half Star Patterns and Set)

Page 8 (Roman Stripe Patterns)

Page 9 (Roman Stripe Patterns and Set)

Winter Template Patterns

Page 1 (Snowflake Patterns)

Page 2 (Snowflake Patterns and Set)

Cross Template Patterns

Page 1 (Cross Patterns)

Page 2 (Cross Patterns)

Page 3 (Cross Pattern Sets)

Celtic and Chain Template Patterns

Page 1 (Celtic Template Patterns)

Page 2 (Celtic Template Patterns)

Page 3 (Celtic Diamond Template Patterns)

Page 4 (Celtic Template Patterns)

Page 5 (Celtic Template Patterns)

Page 6 (Chain Quilting Patterns)

Page 7 (Celtic Patterns)

Page 8 (Celtic Patterns)

Page 9 (Chain Patterns)

Page 10 (Chain Patterns)

Page 11 (Chain and Celtic Patterns)

Page 12 (Celtic and Chain Patterns)

Page 13 (Chain Patterns)

Page 14 (Chain Patterns)

Page 15 (Irish Chain Blocks)

Page 16 (15 Inch Irish Chain Blocks and Set)

Movement and Motion Template Patterns

Page 1 (Movement Patterns)

Page 2 (Movement Patterns)

Page 3 (Movement Patterns)

Page 4 (Movement Patterns)

Page 5 (Movement Patterns)

Page 6 (Movement Patterns)

Page 7 (Movement - Windmill to Gift Box)

Page 8 (Scrap Patterns)

Page 9 (Classic Patterns)

Page 10 (Geometric Patterns)

Page 11 (6 Inch Block Patterns)

Page 12 (Pinwheel Patterns)

Page 13 (Log Patterns)

Page 14 (Curvy Patterns)

Page 15 (Dimensional Patterns)

Page 16 (Rainbow Patterns)

Page 17 (Rainbow Patterns and Set)

Page 18 (Windmill Patterns)

Page 19 (Scrap Patterns)

Star Template Patterns

Page 1 (Star Patterns)

Page 2 (Star Patterns)

Page 3 (Star Patterns)

Page 4 (Star Patterns)

Page 5 (Star Patterns)

Page 6 (Star Patterns)

Page 7 (Star Patterns)

Page 8 (Star Patterns)

Page 9 (Star Patterns)

Page 10 (Star Patterns)

Page 11 (Star Patterns)

Page 12 (Star Patterns)

Page 13 (Star Patterns)

Page 14 (Star Patterns)

Page 15 (Star Patterns)

Page 16 (Star Patterns)

Page 17 (Star Patterns)

Page 18 (Star Patterns)

Page 19 (Spring Star Patterns)

Page 20 (Spring Star Patterns)

Page 21 (Flower Star Patterns)

Page 22 (Star Patterns)

Page 23 (Star Patterns)

Page 24 (Star Patterns)

Page 25 (Feathered Star Patterns)

Page 26 (Feathered Star Patterns)

Page 27 (Feathered Star Patterns)

Page 28 (Feathered Star Pattern Sets)

Page 29 (Star Pattern Sets 1-3)

Page 30 (Star Pattern Sets 4-5)

Page 31 (Star Pattern Sets 6-7)

Page 32 (Star Pattern Sets 8-9)

Page 33 (Priscilla Patterns)

Page 34 (Priscilla Patterns)

Page 35 (Priscilla Star Pattern Sets)

Page 36 (Sawtooth Patterns)

Page 37 (Star Patterns)

Page 38 (15 Inch Hunter Stars)

Page 39 (15 Inch Hunter Stars and Set 1)

Page 40 (15 Inch Sweet Stars)

Page 41 (15 Inch Sweet Stars and Set 2)

Page 42 (15 Inch EQ Stars)

Page 43 (15 Inch EQ Stars and Set 1)

Page 44 (15 Inch Floral Patterns)

Page 45 (15 Inch Floral Patterns and Set)

Page 46 (15 Inch HC Stars)

Wedding and Love Template Patterns

Page 1 (Wedding Ring and Lover Patterns)

Page 2 (Love and Wedding Ring Patterns)

Page 3 (Wedding Ring Patterns)

Page 4 (Wedding Ring Patterns)

Page 5 (Wedding Ring Quilts with Scalloped Edges Patterns)

Page 6 (Lover Patterns)

Page 7 (Wedding Ring Quilts with Scalloped Edges)

Page 8 (Pickle Dish Wedding Ring Patterns)

Page 9 (Pickle Dish Wedding Ring Patterns)

Page 10 (Double Pickle Dish Wedding Ring Patterns)

Page 11 (Double Pickle Dish Wedding Ring Patterns)

Page 12 (Pickle Dish Sets and etc.)

Dresden Template Patterns

Page 1 (Dresden Petal Fan Patterns)

Page 2 (Dresden Petal Fan Patterns)

Page 3 (Dresden Blade Fan Patterns)

Page 4 (Dresden Blade Fan Patterns)

Page 5 (Dresden Corner Petal Fan Patterns)

Page 6 (Dresden Small Center Fan Patterns)

Page 7 (Dresden Small Center Fan Patterns)

Page 8 (Dresden Fan Sunflowers)

Page 9 (Dresden Fan Sunflowers)

Flower and Floral Template Patterns

Page 1 (Flower Patterns)

Page 2 (Floral Patterns)

Page 3 (Flower Patterns)

Page 4 (Flower Patterns)

Page 5 (Flower Patterns)

Page 6 (Tulip Flower Patterns)

Page 7 (15 Inch Floral Patterns)

Page 8 (15 Inch Floral Patterns and Set)

Drunkard's Path Template Patterns

Page 1 (Drunkard's Path Patterns)

Page 2 (Drunkard Path Patterns)

Page 3 (Orange Peel Patterns)

Page 4 (Melon Patterns)

Page 5 (Drunkard Path)

Page 6 (Drunkard Path Patterns)

Rotary Cutting Patterns

Do you prefer to use a rotary cutter and self healing mat?

These quilting patterns are made for this technique in mind.

Create fast beautiful quilts with ease!

Page 1 (Stained Glass)

Page 2 (Stained Glass Full and Queen Quilt Patterns)

Quilting Applique Patterns

All of our applique patterns are easy enough for beginners to bring to fabric life. 

That's why we've brought them into our quilting shop.

Our directions make them a breeze to assemble.  You also have the peace of mind of full support.  We’re always here for questions and/or additional help.

On all of these pages you will find applique quilting patterns that are available to purchase for a small fee.

Once the checkout process is complete, your item will be automatically delivered in PDF format.

Don’t worry if you don’t get directed to the right page after checkout.  Just check your email, because a copy of the link will be sent directly to the email address you provided.

Best Selling Applique Patterns

To see our page of best-selling quilting applique patterns, click on this link


Celtic Applique Patterns

Our most popular applique patterns tend to be Celtic in nature.  That’s because we make it easy.  They are so simple to do, that even a beginner can complete it with ease.

Click on the various pages to see them all.  There are even sets of 4 that you can purchase for a discounted price.

Page 1 (sets),

Page 2 (sets)

Page 3,

Page 4 (Triquetras),

Page 5 (Celtic Hearts),

Page 6,

Page 7 (Celtic Clovers),

Page 8 (Celtic Blocks),

Page 9,

Page 10,

Page 11,

Page 12,

Page 13 (stars),

Page 14,

Page 15 (Knotty Blocks),

Page 16 (Celtic Knots)

Page 17 (Celtic Knots and Crosses)

Page 18 (10 Inch Knots)

Page 19 (10 Inch Knots and Set 1)

Flower Applique Patterns

The various pages in this section are of patterns that are floral by design.  Some are tribal.  Some are classic.  Some are original designs made by the whole family.  They’re all completely unique and one of a kind.

You can check out what these patterns look like on the corresponding pages.

Page 1 (roses), Page 2 (roses), Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6, Page 7, Page 8, Page 9, Page 10, Page 11

Animal Applique Patterns

Dragons, and Tigers, and…Butterflies!

Some of our quilting patterns are in the form of animals.  These designs started off being pictures, which we in turn made them into applique patterns.

Not responsible for dropped jaw or drool. 

Take a look and see if anything grabs your attention.



Tiger Pairs




Animals (water life)

Cat Silhouette

Animals (Deer, Chicken, Dove, and Dog)

Wolf and Wolves Set

Dolphins and Dolphin Set

Animals (Lion, Butterfly, Horse, Lovebirds)

Animals (Lion, Deer, Horse, and Lizard)

Animals (Paw, Koi, Betta, Kitty Cat, Bull)

Animals (Elephant, Dragon, Duck,Lizard)



Animals (Cat, Horse, Lion, Wolf, Frog)

Animals (Celtic Paw, Horse, Phoenix, Zebra)




Ocean Life (Octopus, Whale Shark, Seahorse)

Animals (Moose, Dragonhead, Unicorn)

Nature Patterns (Wolf, Beehive, Feather, Lotus)

Nature Patterns (Flora and Fauna)

Animals Patterns (Deer, Dolphins, Wolf Paws)

Mythical Patterns (Faeries, Dragon, and Tiger Butterfly... OH MY!)

Shape Applique Patterns

Different and original one of a kind shape patterns, such as unusual hearts.

Hearts Page 1, Special Hearts Page 2, Hearts and Stars, Amazing Hearts,

Decorative Patterns

Everything Else in the Quilting Shop Applique Patterns

Sometimes we make patterns for things that don’t fall into any of the other categories, like fairies.


Come find out what they are here:




Winged Appliques


Halloween 2

Halloween 3

Halloween 4

Leaf Appliques

Winter Patterns

Quilting Books

Take a look at this page to find out more about the quilting ebooks that we have to offer.

Wrap Up

Our personal quilting shop is now open for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.

We appreciate your business.  It’s what keeps our website going.

Thank you!

Happy quilting,

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