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Foundation Patterns

Even quilting novices can achieve expert precision with our paper foundation patterns.

Welcome to the world of foundation quilting block patterns.  This is where even novices can learn the talents of experts.

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Block Patterns

These pages are of our block patterns.

All of our foundation blocks make a 6x6 inch quilting block with ¼ inch grace for piecing.

Celtic Foundation Patterns

  • Page 1 (Celtic)
  • Page 2 (Celtic)
  • Page 3 (More of our best selling patterns.  From Continuous Zen to Celtic)
  • Page 4 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns)
  • Page 5 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns and Set)
  • Page 6 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns)
  • Page 7 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns And Set 2)
  • Page 8 (10 Inch Knots)
  • Page 9 (10 Inch Knots and Set 1)

10 Inch Foundation Patterns

Page 1 (10 Inch Bird's Nest and Linton)

Page 2 (10 Inch Double 3, Cut Glass Dish, and Set)

Page 3 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns)

Page 4 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns and Set)

Page 5 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns)

Page 6 (10 Inch Celtic Patterns And Set 2)

Page 7 (10 Inch Folded Corners and Texas Tears)

Page 8 (10 Inch Spinning Four, Chicago Star, and Set 3)

Page 9 (10 Inch Special, First Dance and Present)

Page 10 (10 Inch Chevron and Strips Border and Corner)

Page 11 (10 Inch Meeting Chevrons Corner, Border and Set)

Page 12 (10 Inch Rolling Star Patterns)

Page 13 (10 Inch Stars and Set)

Page 14 (10 Inch Teddy Bear and Rocking Horse)

Page 15 (10 Inch China Doll, Rocket, and Set 1)

Page 16 (10 Inch Log Cabin Twist)

Page 17 (10 Inch Log Cabin Twists and Set 2)

Page 18 (10 Inch Toy Blocks and T Rex)

Page 19 (10 Inch Toy Ball, Tricycle and Set 2)

Page 20 (10 inch Spiderwebs)

Page 21 (10 Inch Spiderwebs and Set)

Page 22 (10 Inch New Star and Johnny Round the Corner)

Page 23 (10 Inch WCT Union, Wheel of Fortune, and Set)

Page 24 (10 Inch Twist Log Cabin)

Page 25 (10 Inch Twist Log Cabins and Set)

Page 26 (10 Inch Beauties)

Page 27 (10 Inch Beauties and Set 1)

Page 28 (10 Inch Beauties)

Page 29 (10 Inch Beauties and Set 2)

Page 30 (10 Inch Twist Log Cabin)

Page 31 (10 Inch Twist Log Cabin and Set 4)

Page 32 (10 Inch Baskets - For a Southwestern Touch)

Page 33 (10 Inch Baskets and Set 1 -For a Southwestern Touch)

Page 34 (10 Inch On-Point Baskets)

Page 35 (10 Inch Baskets and Set 2)

Page 36 (10 Inch Outdoors Patterns)

Page 37 (10 Inch Outdoors Pattern and Set)

Page 38 (10 Inch Beauties)

Page 39 (10 Inch Beauties and Set 3)

Page 40 (10 Inch Hunter Stars)

Page 41 (10 Inch Hunter Stars and Set 1)

Page 42 (10 Inch Star Chains)

Page 43 (10 Inch Star Chains and Set 1)

Page 44 (10 Inch Star Chains)

Page 45 (10 Inch Star Chains and Set 2)

Page 46 (10 Inch Knots)

Page 47 (10 Inch Knots and Set 1)

Page 48 (10 Inch Beauties)

Page 49 (10 Inch Beauties and Set 4)

Page 50 (10 Inch EQ Stars)

Page 51 (10 Inch EQ Stars and Set 1)

Page 52 (10 Inch EQ Stars)

Page 53 (10 Inch EQ Stars and Set 2)

Page 54 (10 Inch Birds)

Page 55 (10 Inch Birds and Set)

Page 56 (10 Inch HC Quarter Stars)

Page 57 (10 Inch HC Quarter Stars and Set 1)

Page 58 (10 Inch HC Quarter Stars)

Page 59 (10 Inch HC Quarter Stars and Set 2)

Page 60 (10 Inch Stars)

Page 61 (10 Inch Stars and Set 1)

Page 62 (10 Inch Feathered Stars)

Page 63 (10 Inch Feathered Stars and Set 1)

Page 64 (10 Inch Spinning Foundation Patterns)

Page 65 (10 Inch Spinning Foundation Patterns and Set 1)

Page 66 (10 Inch Fun Foundation Patterns)

Page 67 (10 Inch Fun Foundation Patterns and Set 1)

Page 68 (10 Inch HC Log Cabin Foundation Patterns)

Page 69 (10 Inch HC Log Cabin Foundation Patterns and Set 1)

Page 70 (10 Inch Extraordinary Foundation Patterns)

Page 71 (10 Inch Extraordinary Foundation Patterns)

Beautiful Foundation Patterns

Page 1 (10 Inch Rainbow Star and Find Luck)

Baby Foundation Patterns

Page 1 (Baby Patterns Stork with Bundle of Joy and Baby Bottle)

Page 2 (Baby Rattle, Stroller, and Set)

Basket and Bowl Foundation Patterns

The Santa Fe motif are made easy with these basket and bowl designs!

Page 1 (Baskets)

Page 2 (Baskets)

Page 3 (Baskets)

Page 4 (Baskets)

Page 5 (On Point Baskets)

Page 6 (Bowls)

Album Foundation Patterns

Log Cabin Patterns

Love and Wedding Patterns

  • Page 1 (Foundation Pieced Wedding Ring Patterns)
  • Page 2 (Hearts) 
  • Page 3 (Hearts)
  • Page 4 (Wedding Bells and Cake)
  • Page 5 (10 Inch Foundation Pieced Wedding Rings)
  • Page 6 (10 Inch Foundation Pieced Wedding Ring Patterns and Set)

New York Beauty Patterns

Star Patterns

Movement and Mosaic Patterns

Flora and Fauna Patterns

Flying Geese Patterns

Holiday Patterns

Stained Glass

  • Page 1 (Stained Glass)
  • Page 2 (Stained Glass)
  • Page 3 (Stained Glass)
  • Page 4 (Stained Glass)
  • Page 5 (Stained Glass Log Cabins and Pineapple)
  • Page 6 (Stained Glass Log Cabins)
  • Page 7 (Stained Glass Pineapples)
  • Page 8 (Stained Glass)
  • Page 9 (Quarter Stained Glass Sets 1-2)
  • Page 10 (Quarter Stained Glass Sets 3-4)
  • Page 11 (Stained Glass Log Cabin Sets)
  • Page 12 (Stained Glass Pineapples)
  • Page 13 (Stained Glass Pineapple Sets)

Pineapple Patterns

Crazy Patch Pattern Blocks

Embrace the endless possible quilting layouts with these amazingly crazy pattern!

Perfect Letter Blocks

Want to make perfect letter blocks?

These pages will help you do just that! 


Well we got letters, but what about numbers?

 These block patterns will help you make wonderful counting quilts!

The Whole Quilt Foundation Patterns

While these pages are different quilt patterns, using our foundation blocks.  Don't worry. They come with the patterns for the blocks too. 

  • Page 1 (Twisted Log Cabin Quilt and Catch a Star Quilt)
  • Page 2 (The Alphabet Quilt and the Round Table Quilt.  Even though the round table quilt is a template pattern we still have it listed with our wonderful Alphabet Quilt.)

Wrap Up

Be sure to visit this page often for there are new foundation patterns added frequently!

Want even more instruction on how to make perfect foundation blocks?

Learn all the tips and trick in our favorite online quilting class.

Carol Doak's Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing Craftsy class.

Until next time.

Happy quilting,

Color Block Quilts

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